This guide is for everyone who has ever clapped his or her hands in vain while trying to kill the buzzing beast. We are all in this together. The intense irritation caused by the buzzing sound, the incredible disappointment you feel when you can’t kill a mosquito and the subsequent resignation to your fate, are all feelings you and every other person identifies with. But wait,

Caramelize It

A blowtorch is a multi-functional tool. While you might be a culinary genius and use it to caramelize sugar on top of a pudding, us mortals use it in a different way. Nothing is more effective than a precise, straight line of fire to annihilate the mosquito eating your head. One, two, three and press!

How to kill a mosquito

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Live Near A Volcano

In the worst-case scenario that a mosquito in your home is immune to all kinds of pesticides, an electric racket as well as your hands, your location matters. Your best bet is living near a volcano. Hope that someday the dormant volcano will miraculously become active, lava will flow and the mosquito will die. Is the death of a mosquito worth giving up your life? Absolutely.

How to kill a mosquito

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Immunize Yourself To Kaala Hit 

There might come a day when ordinary vaccines will not protect you against diseases spread by mosquitoes. There will also come a time when the only way to kill a mosquito is to inundate the area with Kaala Hit. But before you take such a “Fear Factor” type of step, immunize yourself to Kaala Hit. Science will definitely have progressed that far ahead in the coming years to be able to save humanity from the biggest threat: mosquitoes.

Secret Passage To Mosquito Land

Have you ever sat down and wondered, “What if all these poor little mosquitos are just lost?” Yeah, we have too. Maybe they are asking for help with the constant buzzing, biting and flying. Maybe all they want is their home. The least you can do to repay them for all the bites they have bestowed upon you is to find the secret passage back to Mosquito Land. We are pretty sure humans are not allowed there. However, they might make an exception for you!

Make Friends

We have not tried this at home. This is a last-ditch effort in order to live in peace. When everything fails, make them your friends. Invest in mosquito feeders and see if they will eat seeds instead of sucking on your blood. You never know, it might just work! If they see you are a friend, they might let you be. No more mosquito bites. As for the rest of mankind, well, they can fend for themselves.

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We compiled this extraordinary list of solutions after trying just about every mosquito-killing product on the market. Sometimes, the road less taken produces better results than sprays and coils.

Lets Have Fun With Elephants Of The “Jongol”

Lets Have Fun With Elephants Of The “Jongol”

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