India is diverse by cast, creed, language and last but not the least, Food. Once in India, an outsider basks in the sinful adulation of versatile food options across the subcontinent. Ranging from myriad breakfast options to dinner, Indian food is truly worth its salt. We bet you can’t come in India and not taste the lip-smacking range of spicy servings, which India is famous for. The exotica are very well radiated in the food paradise. Find out below the distinguished range of regional Indian breakfast options and keep drooling. Slurp!

Gujarati Breakfast: Gujaratis would swear by vegan food options as their religious beliefs approve of the same. The flat breads they consume are mostly made of thick millet, rice flour, whole wheat flour etc. to name a few, Bajri no rotlo, Makai no rotlo, Bhakri, Phulka Roti, Puran Poli. Then come Dhokla and Thepla, the former made of fermented rice batter and split chickpeas and the latter from whole wheat flour and mixed spices. Then there is Khakra, made from bean, wheat flour and oil.


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Marwari Breakfast: To talk about Marwari cuisine Bhujia (deep fried gram flour snack )deserves a special mention, then there are Kanji Vada(made from bengal gram pulse), Kalmi Vada(made from yellow gram and mustard seeds), Masala Mathri (made from plain flour, carom seeds, cumin seeds etc.) , Pithore (Made from gram flour) to pamper your tastebuds.


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Bihari Breakfast: Bihar, in line with Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab is the most well thought of place for its exquisite cuisine. Traditional Bihari society approves of vegan food but Bhojpuri people make no bones of non-veg dishes. To name a few breakfast options, Litti Chokha (baked from wheat flour dough and served with pulped veggies) , Dal peetha (dumplings made of kneaded rice flour and stuffed with spiced Bengal gram paste and steamed),  Chana Ghughni (cooked Bengal gram infused with spices), Then there are Alu Paratha (pan fried bread with potato stuffing), Satuwa paratha (pan fried bread stuffed with gram flour) are widely consumed.

Litti Chokha

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Punjabi Breakfast: Punjabis, the food loving clan swears by pan fried flat breads or paranthas. Chhole Bhature (Deep fried bread served with gram curry), Methi ke Parathe (flat bread stuffed with fenugeek), Mooli ke parathe ( flat bread stuffed with daikon).

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South Indian Breakfast: South Indian savors include Idli, Dosa, Vada, Pongal, Uttapam ETC. Since in South India, they like it tangy and the flavor of curry leaves in their food with all the goodness of rice and varied pulses, all their food choices require same ingredients almost with twists in the recipes.


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Kashmiri Breakfast: Kashmir, the slice of paradise on earth has finest choices of cuisines that really need mention. To name a few breakfast options, there are lip-smacking delicacies like Roth (sweetened flat bread), Sheermal (a sweet Kashiri flat bread), Nadir Munji (a deep fried Kashmiri snack for breakfast) to dote on.


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North Eastern Breakfast: The North Eastern region of India is widely side-eyed for their not-so-mainstream food choices. But taking a dig in some is really a lifetime experience. Such as, Khar (made from raw papaya), Pitha (fried/roasted rice snack), Sanpiau (a Mizo rice porridge), Smoked Pork (a slurpish Naga dish made from, obviously Pork, bamboo shoot and veggies), Gyatuk ( a Sikkimese answer to Thukpa).


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English Breakfast: Although bread, pudding, scrambled egg are the staples of Christian households of India, there are some more feathers in the hat like varied cakes, cookies etc.


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