Mr. Sanjose recently had a quarrel with his colleague Mrs. Rachael on a petty issue. Mrs. Rachael was facing some issue in her laptop. Mr. Sanjose is known to be an intellect in many subjects however Mr. Sanjose has a drawback! He does not know when to say I don’t know!!

When Mrs. Rachael was asking her co-workers about the problem she was facing in her laptop Mr. Sanjose took the initiative and advised her to re-install the operating system. Mrs. Rachael was not sure on how to go about it so she asked Mr. Sanjose to do it for here. Haha here was the man caught in his own trap. Mr. Sanjose did not know how to reinstall the operating system but he thought he can manage it by using google! He did and Mrs. Rachael John lost all the data!!

The main pitfall we are seeing here is something very important which prevails in many people’s life and is widespread too. People love to make tall claims about knowing many things. Even when asked about any irrelevant topic or subject, people do not want to show themselves ignorant by saying I don’t know.

Say it Loud and Clear – I don’t know!

We have seen people just nodding and saying ‘yes, yes’ to whatever things they listen to in any sort of discussion. The reason being no one wants to look ignorant in front of anyone. The main drawback in this attitude is that you close yourself from learning anything new if you act as if you know everything. Learning starts when you realize that you really don’t know anything about a particular subject and the passion and desire to understand it comes into you. This results in you going to the core of that subject and getting as much information as possible.

Being ignorant or not knowing any subject isn’t a bad sign. Instead if you accept your ignorance regarding anything then you stand out in front of everybody as an authentic human being. Lots of blunders and misconception have occurred due to a person not accepting his ignorance and acting out of certain whim.

One of the greatest and well known philosopher Socrates is known for his famous quote, “The
more I know, I know that I don’t know”. How profound and deep quote! He says he knows only one thing and that is he really doesn’t know! He says learning starts from this point. When you accept your ‘I don’t know’ attitude only then you can reach to a stage where you can say ‘I know’.

There is a problem when you claim to know something but when asked to apply in real life situations, you fail. You will not only look dumb and pretentious but you will also lose respect in the eye of the people around you.

The more I know, I know I don't know

Being pretentious can help only till a certain extent thereafter you will surely get caught, be is in professional life or personal. So the next time when someone asks you, “Melody itni chocolatey kyon hai?” Instead of giving a flowery answer, take a deep breath and say, “I don’t know”.

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