“Did you see the new ad for Dove?” “Did you see that ad in the newspaper?” “That’s such an amazing ad”. We often hear these questions and we often ask them too. We are constantly surrounded by advertisements in the form of TVC, hoardings, newspaper ads, magazine ads etc. They exist in the paper you read, the phone you use, the bus you take and so on- so forth. Commercial ads consume a HUGE part of our lives and we are being constantly bombarded by them.

Benefits of commercial ads

Advertising plays a major role in our lives. If it wasn’t for advertisements, we would have missed knowing about a new product launch, a discount offer or a recently started service. They help us to compare various products before making a purchase decision.

Advertisements aim to develop retention which would help us remember the products and brands while making purchase choice.

Not only the obvious aspect but commercial ads are very important even in spreading messages. Everyone, including the uneducated has access to televisions. Therefore it helps creating awareness about government programs or of various social issues like child labor, health risks associated with vices like smoking and so on. India is a Polio free nation today and lot of credit has to be given to the awareness campaign started by the Government with Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador.

Commercial Ads is a healthy break

Most of us when sit to watch tv get glued to the on going program. We forget to drink water, eat something, visit the rest room or even walk around for sometime for a healthy heart. An ad break allows us to take care of our needs and indirectly benefit the heart.

Research says by long hours of sitting  the risk of developing a heart disease increases by 50%! The same can be checked if someone walks around for just 5 minutes every 1 hour.

Ads gives memories

All ads are created to touch upon the lives of its viewers. The companies which has got them right invariably become closer to our hearts. Be it Cadbury’s Kuch Khaas Hai song with the girl dancing in the cricket stadium or Airtel’s ad about Har ek friend zaruri hota hai. How can we miss the hilarious acts of Vodafone Zoozoo and the over the top stunt ads of Sprite. Each of these ads and many more help us identify our needs or emotions with theirs and thus create beautiful memories.

Summing up, advertisements are often scorned at in today’s time because of the immense traffic in it but nevertheless, they occupy a lot of place in our lives!

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