Marriage has a very unique definition and application in India. Here it is taken as favour done to the girl’s family. It is put across as though some form of burden was taken off their back. Marriage instantly makes the son in law a superior soul who is worshipped as a demi-god by the family.

Concept of Marriage in India

After marriage, daughters are suddenly held wrong ab initio in all (past present future) arguments. Parents feel if they support their daughter then in laws will not like it and they will send their daughter back. This is not an isolated event of a remote village in India. This practice and belief is quite rampant and can be seen in most of the houses even in urban India.


Daughter’s Plight

It is so contradicting that from childhood parents raise children with a certain amount of biasness towards them. Even when own children are wrong parents stand by to support them. Shockingly, after marriage this entire set up takes a 180 degree turn. Daughters become all season favourite culprit. Suddenly, daughters’ parents start supporting the son in law taking his side on all occasions. Do parents realise what kind of trauma do they make their own daughters go through by forcing the daughters to let go of her self respect and not speak up for what she believes in? Were not it the same parents who taught her about these things in the first place?


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Daughters are expected to act differently at the snap of a finger. For every relation (brother, father, sibling, etc) a rule book is available giving guidance on code of conduct. Please stop troubling your daughters. She is not born to please anyone, take orders/instructions from anyone. Please stop making a 24 hour endeavour to make her a marriage material perfect. Just let her be!

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