Maths….wait, don’t close the article yet! We promise we aren’t here to make you mug up any formulae, derive long lost theories or lecture you about the subject. Instead, we’ve decided to tell you WHY mathematics is the only subject most people fail to get right.
People find maths difficult because it is easier to realise that it’s difficult. With other difficult tasks, like cooking, cleaning, you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re good at it. But when it comes to maths, if you’re bad at maths, it will show you just how bad you are.

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Maths is not an option, it’s a necessity

The main reason why people get chills down their spine when it comes to this subject is because students are taught mathematics irrespective of their interest. It is there in any degree you pursue, under the sun, even if it involves a simple two plus two.

Practice makes perfect, but poor pedagogy doesn’t

Lets face it, maths is taught badly. They way its taught in school is far removed from professional maths. The syllabus expects you to learn and adhere to methodology which kills creativity and imagination that is at the core of the field.


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Strong Dependencies

You need to go on knowing topics one after the other, and the worst part is they are all dependent on each other. If the base of any topic is weak, God help you. It is not humanly possible to be perfect with every kind of number crunching, which is a major reason why people find maths so difficult.

Sub conscious mindset

Mathematics seems to be difficult because you are told from the very beginning that it is tough. It is as if people around you expect you to expect that it will be difficult. So much for molding perceptions….


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You cannot relate to Maths

Compared to subjects like Music, History, Literature – you tend to have some idea about the same – Maths is purely new, and the farther you move from reality, the more difficult it becomes to comprehend. You cannot develop your own ideas or ideologies to solve a mathematics problem, you have to follow a set of predetermined rules, which makes it difficult for you to connect to it.

Objectivity of Maths

For example discussions on a topic like “Was Hitler doing the right thing during World War II?” can lead to diverse opinions, because this subject matter is subjective. On the other hand, Maths is objective. Everything has a definite answer. There is nothing known as “opinions” when it comes to this subject and those who missed the basics of the subject would fail to understand the successive things entirely.

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And lastly,


Maths is inherently difficult because its abstract. There is no rosy outlook to number problems. The solutions are definite, inflexible and can be done in specific ways only. So for those of you who believe in that their imaginations are meant to run wild, take a backseat and start being conventional.

Now here’s the good news. If you still haven’t managed to befriend this subject, don’t worry. Just listen to us and do the following. Also, if you have kids in your family facing the same problem as you, make them follow this too  ~

  • Include a Sudoku puzzle in your daily routine
  • Practice simple maths every day, this include basic BODMAS problems, unitary methods, basic Algebra etc.
  • WRITE more, TYPE less. This will help you retain faster and better.
  • Act like you’re teaching, while solving any problem. This will help you explain yourself the question better
  • Tell yourself stories while reading a problem and opt for a logical and more relatable thinking method.

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