Modi’s paid a recent purposive visit to Vietnam. That’s because one can’t look further than allying this country to secure stronghold in Indo-Pacific. India has rolled up sleeves to sell supersonic BrahMos missile to Vietnam. Russia too consented. Seemingly, China will not let go of any chance to muscle-flex here. That means guiding Russia in the deal is in their mind.

As history has it, China and Vietnam have long been at odds.  Goes without saying, India will try subsiding China in the South China Sea. Possibly through shared maritime business interests with Vietnam.


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India-Vietnam relationship strengthens after Modi’s visit

Modi’s visit to Vietnam is timely. It bears substantial result to India’s ‘Act East Policy”. India will also extend $500 million aid to it. That is for refurbishing the defense corporation. Because it is believed that defense corporation is solely important between countries. In case you are looking into good bilateral relations.

Further, both Modi and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc welcomed each other’s industries. In each other’s territories they will boost industrial development. Correspondingly, Twelve MoUs were aligned with the deal. That concerned defense, space, IT, health, mutual recognition of standards, and cyber security.

Modi Shaking Hands with Vietnam's Prime Minister

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Should China feel threatened form the discussed pact?

Well, one must take Vietnam’s intentions with a grain of salt. It has ruthless self-interest. That triggered it to befriend America. The country that instrumented death of 1.5 million Vietnamese in 1960s and 70s. Now it apparently walks out forgiven. Plus, Hanoi is hobnobbing with Delhi. Turns out, The country is building strong defense against a rising China. But seemingly, nor India will suffice to overthrow Chinese imposition there, neither America is too trustworthy. So, Vietnam will never forgo its ties with China. Given any circumstances, they won’t anger their top trade partner. They are partners for 12 years. Also, Vietnam is responsible for producing China’s electronic goods and sub-assemblies. So camaraderie will prevail. That’s that.

Vietnam will also not water its newfound friendship with Uncle Sam. That too in full Chinese glare. As this might just blow a fuse with China. Reversely, America is too less enthused to bestow a technological masterpiece upon Vietnam. Even something that remotely upsets China for that matter.

Revolt in Vietnam

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Is there still hope hanging to outwit China?

Of course discussed pact will mount pressure on China. China’s in unease. That reflected in the report by Chinese media itself. There is a reason at play behind the unease.  Apparently the rickety relationship between the former and later regarding the South China Sea that is. China even stands at the receiving end of a collective animosity. It faces flak from many nations together. So we see no reason why China shouldn’t worry.

Then again, strategic meetings between  New Delhi and Hanoi will raise their bargaining positions. The trade deals with China will now reach a higher peg. However, the power game will continue thereby strengthening the Indo-Vietnam pact.

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