What if life transforms into something where heads are high and body goes low, as low as it can. How about crawling on the muck silently and getting up with body and face smeared with dirt & mud? What if completing grueling tasks is the only way to show that yes you are capable to be a a part of the prestigious Royal Marines Commando!

The Most Gruelling Training Process Of Royal Marines Commando

While its always the US & Russian arm forces which are in news but there are some startling facts about the British Army. For starters, one of the training processes of the Royal Marines Commando involves the grueling – Mud Run! It’s an intense training course that demands strength & stamina from every single muscle of the body!

Royal Marines Commando

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Mud Run

This run is part of every Royal Marines Commando 32 week training course. Although it is designed to improve a soldier’s stamina, it also brings out team spirit in them. The course sets off on a hard note, not allowing any expectation of it being even slightly easy.

Royal Marines Commando

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It begins with wearing a boiler suit which would become extremely heavy when the muddy tasks begin. The place of training is at the Exe estuary close to the Lympstone training base at Devon. For the ones who don’t know – the mud on this estuary is infamously  known for its foul smell! Yes, therefore the foul smell makes the training mentally exerting too!

Once the men/women are in their boiler suits they are asked or to perform a set of individual and team tasks. These tasks begins with a run on the marshy exe estuary. The run is often broken by commanding officers asking the soldiers to start crawling in the mud. In that extremely tired state of the soldiers, they are now asked to stand up and commanded to sit down. It keeps on happening for 10-15 times and when the entire force is almost ready to collapse; they are asked to do sits ups, lie down on the ground and extend their legs, stand up and pull their fellow companion who is leaning from behind and finally again begin to run!!

Royal Marines Commando

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This entire process gets repeated multiple times through the training session in the mud. The task is arduous because its never easy to run on soft/marshy lands. Plus the added weight of the wet mud hollows their stamina and tires every single muscles of the soldiers.

What comes out from the Mud Run

The most expected outcome is ofcourse individual who embolden strength, courage and team spirit. Each of them look forward to the Green Beret they get to wear when they are recruited as an officer in the British Army.

Though hardcore, this mud run has brought out the best, most efficient and strong soldiers. They know very well how to defend themselves and their team members in the worst situations. This training program of the British Royal Marines has been quite inspiring to various armies around the world. Most of them have therefore incorporated parts of it in their own courses as well.

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