There  is  no  denying to  the  beauty  of  adornment  on  women.  Ear  rings  dangling  as  she speaks,  nods, laughs. Bangles  clinging  as  she  types  away  on  a  work  mail.  The different styles of carrying the dupatta or the way she wraps a saree around her. Everything  about  a  woman  becomes much more pronounced with something adorning her.  Although, jewelry is complex. Adornment is a balance to be struck, very delicately. And, Panache Lavanya understands this balance perfectly.

Logo of Panache Lavanya

What is Panache Lavanya?

Panache Lavanya is a suave confluence of daily wear clothes and silver jewelry line for the ultra modern women who like to dress trendy without being loud. What started out as an idea is now a young  brand  with  positive  customer  reviews  already pouring  in.  The  brand  translates into vivacity and grace. The proof? Its jewelry and varied style of clothes.

What makes it special?

The  metal  silver  is  already  special  and  with  love  and  care,  it’s  a  poem  in  itself.  The  brand  seeks  to celebrate India through bespoke jewellery with fusion of clothes line collection ranging from banarasi hand work to rajasthani gota patti work to chanderi dupattas but that’s not all; there is a good collection of sarees, salwar kameez, palazzos and kurtis too making them a perfect wardrobe essentials.

The artisans and the crafts people are an important part of their mission statement. A fashion brand that is ethnic, modern, socially conscious and nurturing that is Panache Lavanya.

Dresses from Panache Lavanya

Why Silver? Why Panache Lavanaya?

In today’s world, where women  are  the  face  of  corporations,  where  the  definition  of ethnic  has  undergone  a  huge makeover, silver is a match made in heaven to today’s tastes.

It’s  sophisticated  and  can  be  worn  with  greater  confidence  and  lesser  inhibition.  All  of  which,  the woman of today has evolved to be. What makes it all the more endearing is how much it wants to be  worn!

Panache Lavanya

What would you find in their collections?

Apart from being a feast to the eyes, the collection of Panache Lavanya is also a trip throughout rural India with a trip or two  to  the  western  world. Apart from jewelry, you will also find  gorgeous  fabrics  such  as  kota  doria,  silk,  cotton  and  georgette. Traditional  Rajasthani  handwork  like  pita  work  and  gottapatti is a part of their latest collection. Justice  to  the  fabric  is  rarely  served on a platter this rich, so make sure you do not miss out on these.

A final word, an ode to women

The  sensibilities  of  women  are  becoming  exceedingly  complex  and  beautiful as  each  day  passes  to reveal a much bigger world to them.  It’s only fair that we look the part. A delicate silver earring, a bold  statement  pendant  and  two  very  intricate  bangles  encircling  your  wrists,  and  you  are  already breaking hearts.

Jewellery of Panache Lavanya

Panache Lavanya can be reached on their facebook page: or contact them on +91 98800-00511

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