Tired of being called a bichari vidhva, Pooja Ghai is a perfect example of an empowered woman. She is living her life on her terms while becoming the President of Orane Beauty Academy, Jalandhar. Having seen the lows of life after losing her husband, Pooja values self worth.

Before losing her husband, Pooja was a traditional housewife. Her family too was old fashioned which did not believe in letting women work. Unfortunately, in 2006, she lost her husband in a road accident. Pooja observed changes in people’s attitude towards her. She was pitied and looked upon like a dependent to rest of her family. Her father motivated her to start fresh and work for self recognition.

Pooja Ghai

Humble Beginnings for Pooja Ghai

She had to begin from scratch. Her first move to learn the basics of computer. As she got confidence over it, she was decided to break the taboo that a widow can only be a dependent. Initially she indulged in online trading but she didn’t like it much. A call from within kept nagging her to go for something that will excite her as well as benefit other women too. Beauty and wellness always fascinated her. Over time she rose from being a receptionist to the president of the institute with its branches all across the nation.

Peeping down past Pooja says, “I used to study after 10 at night completing my work, looking after my kids and family. My son was three years old and daughter was 9 years old.. She balanced her professional and personal life along with her two internationally recognized diplomas in beauty and wellness.

Challenges faced

Pooja GhaiTalking about the challenges Pooja says, “Its how you perceive the situation is what matters. If we are consistent with our efforts, no hurdle can stop us from achieving our mission and above all, we all should have a mission to live”.

She’s on top position in both the worlds, be it professional or personal. Being a president of the academy and a spearheading mother of two teens, Pooja play the roles perfectly. “Family is very important, without them you are nothing. They understood me and my children. People say living in joint families is a challenge. But instead of giving me challenge, they extended their helping hand as that’s what families are for.”

Age becomes a numeric figure if you are willed to do something afresh. All we need is to come out of the box created by the society and create an exemplary path for others to follow. Pooja Ghai just made one.

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