It is that time of the year again when the CAT, XAT, MAT and multiple other MBA entrance exam results will be out and the scramble for short listing for college interviews takes place. If you are an MBA aspirant you would have put in some thought for the interview process but the question that really deserves some deep thinking is Why an MBA? If you are just a curious onlooker with future plans of an MBA and are wondering what the fuss is about and Why an MBA?Here are some reasons of why one should do an MBA and what does it offer –

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1. Fast paced exposure to corporate life

 Most premier MBA schools take experienced candidates however the trend today is that a lot of fresh graduates are also being accepted to create diversity in a class. This aspect is particularly important for those fresh graduates who will experience a taste of corporate life. There will be industry interactions, lectures by eminent business persons, internships and more to give a peek into the corporate world. Apart from that lot of events are conducted in campuses to create a mock corporate world, added to it the team work and politics included will give you a taste of the corporate life.

2. Understanding of business

The studies are important too, it’s about gaining a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. Most MBA courses are two years long where you learn common topics in the first year and then take specializations in the second year. You will go through as many as 60 subjects over the course of two years and more than enough textbooks. Case studies, presentations, lectures all these are tools through which one learns at an MBA School and theoretical knowledge will prove in good stead for a successful career.

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3. Network of highly successful individuals

By success one does not mean only monetary, a lot of students come from different backgrounds and have varied reasons for doing an MBA. Doctors, Army personnel, Artists, all sorts of people come to learn business and it’s the best opportunity to connect and network. It is quite possible that when one graduates they find their co-founders from the same class! It also opens up the entire alumni network of the School where the alumni is already making their mark in the corporate world and will be eager to help.

4. Entry into corporate through placements

One cannot get away from this, placements! For most students this is the number one reason for doing an MBA. To get a great job and earn a fat salary, and it is an incredibly important factor. The MBA Schools are the perfect place to discover what you are good at and present the same to recruiters who literally line up to pick you up. Yes, placements have become unpredictable over the years and placement figures are not always trustworthy and sometimes one may even not get placed in a bad financial year, however it gives a chance to interact with the recruiters.

5. Making of a disciplined and trained professional

One goes in a naïve inexperienced person and gets out as a disciplined and highly qualified professional. In the end, this is what matters, the gruel of two years of hard work, tight deadlines, stringent rules, sleepless nights all transform a person into a sophisticated and emphatic individual who is ready to go out there and succeed!

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