At some point of time in life, we have been told that we are cribbing unnecessarily and that the crib is not justified by any means!

They might have a point. But, we have a point too.

Life isn’t always the same. There are brilliant moments and then, there are times that test what are we made of. That is how it is. The only relief, is the joy of expression, the opportunity to let people know that you are hurt. In those times, if some self righteous voice is going to chastise us for being too selfish, for not taking in the “bigger picture”, where our troubles don’t matter, it is dreadful.

It is okay to crib when we are hurt

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You are told its wrong to crib for your “little” inconveniences when people are dying by thousands in the world and the logic is undeniable. You nod, a meek nod and try to deal with your issues, internally.

However we feel this is not right. Every single person should be allowed to crib, complain, feel sad and throw tantrums no matter how petty or small the issue is. So, we present arguments in that regard for why its not okay to tell people ” Your issues don’t matter”.

1- Expression is crucial

Expression follows feeling. When you curb expression, you do not automatically curb feeling. Guess what happens?  Feelings pile up, fearing chastising if expressed and humans being humans, will break under it.

2- No issue is small

Yes, people dying is nowhere comparable to a girl getting leered at, but, a person will react more passionately to an issue they more closely associate with. This association is a product of situations, childhood, personal experiences, all of which, are beyond an individual’s control. So, it hardly makes sense for anyone to be held in the wrong for feeling strongly about “their” issue.

Be with a person who might be sad and cribbing

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3 –  Priorities Differ

What is absolutely essential for section A is irrelevant for section B. If section B’s irrelevance does not harm section A’s beliefs, then section A has no right to ask section B to be concerned about section A’s issues. Section B has its priorities, yes, they are different.

4 – Insensitivity is subject to perception

A person complaining about burnt toast as the TV scrolls a natural disaster, is annoying. Although, it by no means, is offensive. The incident has a lesser impact on that person and its not the person’s fault.

5 –  Each man for himself

The issue might be small and petty. But the victim might be too sold to a desirable positive outcome. When things do not turn out the way they are expected, surely the victim has a right to crib. Afterall that’s all he/she can do.

6 –  We need Tolerance

To be able to tolerate another person’s bigger drama over smaller issue is very important. Not being able to do that, is intolerance. We have enough of that to go around as is, we don’t need another type of intolerance.


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To sum it all up, every feeling merits expression and no expression merits judgement.

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