Beyonce gave all the single women a great anthem with the song “Single Ladies”. She chides all the men for feeling bad only when someone else is giving the girl attention. But importantly she croons:

Don’t treat me to these things of the world

I’m not that kind of girl

Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve

Is a man that makes me then takes me

And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond

Pull me into your arms

Say I’m the one you want

If you don’t, you’ll be alone

And like a ghost I’ll be gone

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Increasing number of women choose to be single

Today’s ladies definitely want more than ever. They are not ready to go down the traditional route their mothers and grandmothers have gone through. This is why in India, you will probably see a lot of young women, anywhere between 25 -35 years who have great careers, live alone and can hold their own anywhere!
These single women are all around you, your friends from MBA School, your colleagues from work, your own sisters even. They are all lovely women, who can be interesting, engage in a conversation and are totally kickass, but most of them are single and you wonder why? Here are a few reasons why the eligible young woman are still single.

It’s not the money, honey

Women are highly educated nowadays and in most communities have been the first generation of women who are going out of their home towns to study further and work. They earn good salaries and are financially secure and even make their own investments! They don’t need a man any longer to be the provider and therefore expect more of the man they want to be with.

Women of today have leveled the stage and want the men to come on with more to offer, like sharing of chores, having an equal say in things, sharing responsibilities of child rearing et al and this is something men are finding hard to digest.

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It’s my life, not everyone else’s

Indian cities are teeming with young single women living on their own, even landlords are coming to terms with these new realities. Women have their established rules of setting up the house and running it. In such a scenario they are not comfortable with staying in joint families or even agreeing to change according to someone else’s rules. This makes a lot of Indian men and their families uncomfortable, who view it as an unsavory western influence!

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It’s about her opinion

The current generation of women has been raised like boys, motivated to achieve everything that is possible. And they have their opinions about everything and want their opinion to be respected. Lot of women have a problem with this in their office environment, the last thing they want is their husband to disrespect their opinion.

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It’s not a boy or girl duty

Many young women have been out of home since adolescence, never having been exposed to cooking. Many of them don’t have the time or the inclination to learn how to cook. The same goes for other chores like cleaning, washing, running errands and taking care of children. Women go out to work and earn as much and they have no qualms about expecting the same from their husbands. This makes a lot of men unawares, they were never made to cook either!

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A lot of these young women are of course eventually finding the right men, who are taking up their share of duties and treating women as equals but the remaining choose to be happy, independent, confident and single.

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