Diana was shocked to see dark circles under her colleague’s eyes, Joana. Joana didn’t notice them until Diana pointed out to her. Diana asked her what time she went to sleep last night. Joana confessed she hasn’t had enough sleep since past 3 days! Talking about her friend’s wedding and late night partying, Diana gave her a list of home remedies which will be useful to you as well for a healthier lifestyle.


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1. Try to sleep and wake up at consistent timings everyday

One of the biggest reason for tiredness and sleepiness during the day is because of the inconsistent waking and sleeping time. It’s hard to follow a precise time for sleep and waking up but when acted upon it, it will surely give helpful results which will eventually optimize your body’s natural rhythm cycle. Try sticking to your schedule even on weekends.

2. Exercising

Research shows that regular exercisers always get good sleep and they feel less sleepy during the day. Even light exercise of running or morning walk will improve your sleep quality. But do not try to exercise before bedtime. Exercise atleast 3 hours before you go to sleep, if not early.

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3. Smart Eating

Stay away from food before you go to bed. This has to be considered for a better sleep. Caffeine is a big no! If you are really hungry before or during your bedtime then having a small low calorie cereal or fruits is fine.

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4. No more past and future thoughts

One of the biggest concern people have is that as soon as they lie on bed, a huge pile of thoughts come up. It goes on and on resulting in insomnia. The cure for this thing is to really look at the thoughts. What they are about? Worry? Fear? Try to see whether it’s a genuine worry or made up fear by your imaginative mind. Lastly try taking deep breaths and feel the peace of the nature; skies, birds, flowers who are all asleep. It will help in keeping the unnecessary thoughts away.


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5. A Peaceful Bedroom

Ambience plays a big role. And having a peaceful, tidy and clean bedroom will surely help you to keep your feelings and thoughts under control. Try to keep soft and low light setting for your room. Use some good fragrance in the room.


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One of the other activities which has always helped people to get a good night sleep is reading a book. One of my friends interested in medicine said as soon as he falls on the bed, he takes his 900 page medical entrance exam book and starts reading. It takes 2 minutes and he is dozing a peaceful sleep. Jokes apart, reading before sleeping is an excellent habit. It has been followed by many successful people. Research suggests, it reduces the stress level of mind by 60%.

Some small remedies which can change your mood can also be tried out, such as listening to soft music (especially instrumental), taking a warm bath or shower, doing some easy stretches.

For better health and a peaceful and balanced mind, a good night’s sleep is a must.

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