Subramanian Swamy Not An Ordinary Politician

A visionary, rebel, teacher, politician, economist, mathematician – all this and much more describes the Tam Braham Subramanian Swamy. He comes from a family of intellectuals and is a very strong figure himself. He isn’t someone who will while away his qualities and time. He is a fighter, survivor and he is not someone who would let go when in a fight. Subramanian Swamy has made a very lasting impact in the contemporary history of India. He is outspoken and gutsy and thus is hated by many but majority of us love him for all the right reasons. Unless one is a mainstream communal and a staunch religion preacher, it is hard to not respect him.

The Whistle Blower

The very first thing that strikes our minds when we hear about him is the revelation of the 2G scam. He wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh asking to prosecute A. Raja. When no actions were taken, he filed a case of his own in the Supreme Court and he even made severe allegations against Sonia Gandhi’s sister in the case. Subramanian Swamy founded the Action Committee against Corruption in India and is the chairperson for the same. He has been fighting since years to bring the black money that is stashed in Swiss banks back to India. The agenda of his committee is to fight the corruption and make sure there’s no black money left.

Subramanian Swamy

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

One of his most commendable qualities is that he is brutally honest. He does not believe in being diplomatic and never beats around the bush. He is absolutely straightforward. He once called Rahul Gandhi a bewakoof and told that the whole Nehru clan is illiterate! He has publicly challenged Ministers and other high post officials by filing cases in courts of law for corruption and fraud. He has hardly ever lost any P.I.L. The worrying part out of all this is many of the people have tried attacking him for the same but thankfully never has anyone been able to dig out dirt about him. The facts and statistics that Swamy provides for any topic whatsoever are so accurate that come what may, it becomes extremely hard to refute them.

Frank and Outspoken

Subramanian Swamy has always spoken nothing but the truth. He has no qualms about it. Whatever truth comes out of his mouth, he is never apologetic for it because it is the truth. The prime example about this quality of him that we love is when he called out his own party in an interview with Outlook. To accuse your own political party takes a lot of guts and honesty which isn’t possessed by many.

To summarise it in one statement, love him or hate him, you will definitely not be able to ignore him!

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