While eating outside, with all its taxes will easily lead to a bill of Rs. 2000 for a good meal, and more if alcohol was involved; there is one space where you can still buy a lot below one thousand rupees: ecommerce websites. Due to competitive pricing and a wide range of products, you can get quite a few useful and cool products under Rupees 1000. Here are some things you can buy:

you can buy under Rupees 1000


With online stories like Clovia and Zivame, lingerie shopping has become much more accessible. Bye bye to Victoria’s secrets heavy-duty, eye popping prices. Clovia regularly runs a four for 499 or 399 offer where you can buy bras of your choice. They also offer you with a fit analysis. They ask your measurements and suggest the right type of bra for you. Zivame is also a highly creative place for lingerie shopping. Both places send goods in discreet packaging and have an easy returns system. What more would a girl want?

Gadgets Under Rupees 1000 !

When it comes to affordable picks of under Rupees 1000, some gadgets do take the cake. Be it Mi’s Band (fitness) for Rs. 999 which has a 30 day battery and tracks your sleep, steps and stress or its awesome power bank at Rs. 999 which gives 10,400 mAh, you cannot go wrong. Some other picks would include selfie sticks which you can buy at Rs. 249, as well as car mobile holders you can buy for roughly Rs. 700 – 800 – in case you drive a lot using navigation. If you are a music person, then one version of Senheiser earphones can be hard for roughly Rs. 800. It is the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone. Also, you can pick up an auxiliary split cable at just Rs. 75 to ensure that one smart-phone can fuel two listeners!

Under Rupees 1000


Are you a book lover? Then Amazon and Flipkart’s book flash sales are just for you! You can buy 2 books out of 5 or 6 series books like the Song of Ice and Fire Series, the Millennium Series or the Harry Potter Series. If you are someone who regularly reads ebooks, you could go for Kindle Unlimited plans, with the monthly plan being at around Rs. 200 which gives you unlimited access to over a million titles. Want to pick books the old fashioned way? The Strand Book Sale does sales mostly all over India where you can pick up books by the kilo! That’s one time when we DON’T have to worry about weight!

Stationery and Hobbies

A lot of malls and online e-commerce sellers are doing back to school and back to college sales – this is a great time to pick up stationery. If you want something a little different, all sorts of cute choices are available on websites like Chumbak, Souled Store, Happily Unmarried etc. You can also pick up basic starter sets for lot of hobbies like painting, cooking, calligraphy and block printing.

And of course, Rupees 1000 can also fund a very useful gift card for most big places like Amazon and Shoppers Stop – in case you are feeling generous!

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