Have you ever been stuck with your smartphone without internet? It could happen to the best of us – there is simply no signal or perhaps, the balance is low and so it’s better to keep the internet off. But smartphones are smart precisely because of the internet right? Well, not entirely. You could still do a number of things offline.


Offline podcasts and videos

If you are someone who uses Youtube and Podcast Addict routinely, start saving things offline. Youtube helps to alert you on what to save offline depending on your past history of videos. Once saved offline, you could browse through a list of podcasts and videos to while your time. Similarly, with learning apps like Udemy and Coursera too, you could save videos and readings offline and help yourself become smarter without internet.


Reading and writing without internet

There are a plethora of apps that support offline reading and writing. Regular ebook readers like Aldiko, Kobo and the kindle app work very smoothly with offline reading. Further, you could use apps like Evernote, Pocket and Readability that let you save interesting articles, blogs and readings without internet to have a seamless reading experience. This also applies to videos in the case of pocket.

You could also write the story/poem/novel that you have always wanted to write by simply opening the text editor on your phone or using Microsoft word. You could go for specific editors like Jotterpad or Writer app which are meant for writing.


Language and memory

The world of apps that work without internet these days are truly a marvel. You could actually work on your language even while being disconnected to the world of internet. Apps like duolingo and babbel help you to finish your language lessons offline when you are stuck without an internet connection. Since these apps feature a wide range of languages, you can surely hone your skills. The more internet outage, the better your language skills!

To do lists

Use apps like Google Keep or other list editors to make and clear to-do lists. These apps can save changes offline and you need not be connected to the internet to use these features. You can change font, colour code your notes or use mark-downs for formatting your to-do list. Google Keep syncs across devices as soon as you are in network, so you don’t have to worry about replicating changes.

Cleaning your phone

finally, one of the best uses of being offline is to clean up your phone. We have a lot of junk, unused apps and media which usually clutters our phone. You can use apps like Clean Master to help you in the cleaning or manually do it yourself. One helpful cleaning strategy is to make app groups like ‘social’ or ‘work’ or ‘reading’. Then, you can use these clusters to store related apps together. This makes it easier to locate your apps and more likely for them to be used too. Lastly, take it up to delete unused apps, files and data.

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