Every night, we slip into sweet sleep, fully believing that tomorrow, exists. That tomorrow, we will surely clean the cupboard, that starting tomorrow, we will avoid carbs and maybe, tomorrow is the day we finally meet our long lost uncle. Tomorrow is ever hopeful but what if tomorrow never comes? What if you come to know that tomorrow, you wouldn’t be alive to see the sun at 12 in the noon, as you groggily wake from sleep? Won’t the sunrise take on almost ridiculous significance in your life then?

Lets see how best can we make use of today if tomorrow never comes!

If Tomorrow Never Comes first thing first: Don’t Panic

You have only a day left and if tomorrow never comes you don’t know what awaits you beyond your grave. It’s scary. But don’t panic. It will only leave you dead a day earlier. Instead, relax. Draw up a plan, maybe this article will give you some ideas.

Tomorrow Never Comes

You are what your second grade math teacher told you were. Nothing more and you should embrace it.

Yes, that tummy could use some exercise and your French is still terrible, but it’s all very much, still you. We would stop worrying about us, about life, about the roof above our heads. We would for once, feel the life moving within us and we would be thankful for the pleasure of living for once.

Write your will

I cannot stress this enough. Write the damned wills people. Your kids are all chummy over TV shows and popcorn but put a villa and a land in the mix, you will have them clawing at each other’s throats. Write a will, leave everything to whomever and die in peace, knowing your kin will remain civil throughout your funeral. Talking about funerals,

Plan your funeral

Very few get to do that. Rope in the specialists, sit and discuss, brainstorm and present your friends and family the most breath taking (pun intended) funeral they would ever behold.  Bonus – You can keep it to “invitees only”.

Do NOT tell people you love them

You – I love you

They – OMG, me too. What took you so long? I can’t even… Oh my god. I have dreamed of this day! *tears in those eyes you love*

You – Yeah, see. I will be dead tomorrow.

That’s not very romantic and in all honesty, a little cruel. And if they say no, why go to grave broken heart? Better be in love and hopeful and a little regretful than heartbroken right?

Tomorrow Never Comes

For your dependents

Write down all your insurance and bank account details for people who depend on you. You don’t want them running around offices after you are gone.

Get rid of your stash

That stash you had for a rainy day when government decides to ban certain entertaining stuff on the internet, that one. Get rid of it. Your internet browsing history must go too.

Tomorrow Never Comes

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Find a pretty place near you and go there, alone.

The earth, even after all the random colonizing by humans is still surprisingly beautiful. We don’t know what the life after death, if one exists, is like. But to be on the safe side, watch all the prettiness on offer when alive.

Sigh. Are not sunsets beautiful?

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