Time comes to a little halt in every signal. Still, it never happened to us to spare a thought to the surrounding. For example, many people  who derive their livelihood from it. Things like trade cry of the flower seller, the motor-mouthing eunuchs, your qualms to the pestering beggar, the lonesome quaint restaurant that never had your visit and the roads that lead to nowhere remain with you longer. So as it seems, every traffic signal still is a reservoir of stories, we’ve just got to lend an ear.

Not to mention, my city Kolkata’s strong suit is the co-existence of vintage with modernity. However, in the wee hours we don’t pay heed to such visual-treats that flank the traffic signals. Here’s pointing out a few traffic signals where you need to glance upon a few things, not miss:

1. Exide Traffic signal

Monday scene: Laid back in a taxi and dopey eyes. As a result, the road that leads to Nandan slip your mind.  We have here to say nothing of Nandan. But, the Rabindra Sadan Metro outlet that falls on the road towards Nandan, where lovers separate to unite again. You too perhaps enjoyed brisk walk in a rainy day and resorted to a plate of steaming Momos sold roadside. On the left the four-lane is flanked by an old-school Muslim eatery, namely Saima. You can’t come here and not take a lungful of a delighting smell, of Mutton Chap cooking.

Exide traffic signal

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2. Lalbajar Traffic signal

The red and mammoth Police Headquarter stands there witnessing the city snarls in a busy weekday. The adjacent B.B.D Bagh winds back the clock to the British times. Especially, the Writer’s Building built near the Lal Dighee Tank. Along goes a road that connects you to the R.B.I Office and Kolkata Port Trust. Stopped in this signal, you’re bound to feel lost in time. The pictorial remnants stand souvenir to the colonial times.

lalbazar traffic signal

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3. Central Avenue Traffic Signal

Central Avenue is probably the busiest road during the early hours. Usually jam-packed with hustling-bustling traffic. There are many traffic signals but one that’s referred here is near the Jorasanko Thakurbari. It’s the birthplace and domicile of the Bengali literary maestro Rabindranath Thakur. In the Thakurbari burlesque gate itself, there is portrayal of Zamidaari magnanimity of the yesteryear. In a stark contrast whatsoever, there are Marwari Saree shops in tow, selling those bedazzling pieces of the nine yards.

central avenue traffic signal

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4. Gariahat Traffic signal

Therein lay the city’s heartbeat. South Kolkata’s buzzing marketplace is Gariahat. Thousands of shops outline the road to Kasba. The crowd has people from varied ages, ranging from the chirpy teenagers to motherly-looking women. All haggling over trinkets  or out on their cutlery and table cover shopping spree. The railings under the over-bridge seat fancy-freeing teenagers.  Whiling away time chatting and smoking. In its entirety, Gariahat traffic signal will surely hold you hostage to nostalgia.

gariahat traffic signal

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