Why am I excited about Bali? Picture this: Sun, Sand and Sea. What more could you ask for? While the summer is almost over, the great part about tropical countries is that they do not have a clear-cut demarcation for a winter. So you could visit at any time of the year and it would still be a lovely day at the beach.


Bali is an island in Indonesia. Indonesia itself is an island to talk about it. I have actually been to Bali twice and it so happens to be my favourite summer destination. Bali itself is not quite large to begin with. Its capital Denpasar city is where all the action is located. Most tourists stay in Kuta, at the southern tip of Bali. This lively little beach town is packed with activities enough to satisfy even the toughest of beach critics.


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Water sports in Bali

If you are of the adventurous spirit, then you must try the beach sports that Bali has to offer. The greatest rush I have ever experienced is when I went Parasailing this year. To be suspended by a parachute 45 metres above the sea while being pulled by a boat with the entire coastline and city below me was the highlight of my trip.

Paragliding in Bali

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There are also other forms of water sports like jet skiing and tubing. There is a new water sport added called Fly Fish.  Here you are attached to an inflatable raft which is in turn attached to a boat. Once the boat starts moving, the raft gets thrown up into the air and you are suspended vertically in a lying down position on your back. If this does not give you a much needed rush of adrenaline, then you are probably dead!

Fly Fish ride In Bali

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Surfing A Must!

The one thing you must do in Bali though is try your hand at surfing. Bali is world renowned for its beaches and its surfing community. You can find surfing instructors at almost every beach. These instructors will provide you with all the required equipment like a surf board and a wet suit. You also get a personal instructor who will work with you for about three hours and will teach you the basics of surfing. Each instructor has their own fee so you need to choose one that best fits your budget. Irrespective of how many times you fall (20 out of 30 for me) and get smacked in the face with the surf board; at the end of your session when you finally mount the surf board, the feeling can only be described as euphoric.

Surfing Boards in Bali

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Monkey Forest in Ubud

Another to-do is a cultural tour. It encompasses a thorough visit to all the must-see locations all around Bali. What interests me is the Monkey Forest in Ubud. In this forest you are literally surrounded by monkeys. Stay clear of the monkeys if you aren’t a fan of them. There is also a visit to the Batik houses which are indigenous to Bali as Bali Batik is world renowned. You can catch a firsthand glimpse of the actual creative process and creaet your own masterpiece.

Last but not least, being a primarily Hindu city, the temple architecture is exquisite. One temple you must visit is the Batuan Temple. The sheer serenity and peace it offers is a nice departure from the hustle of the city.

Batuan Hindu Temple in Bali

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Local People & Local Cuisines

The locals are the most polite people I have ever met. They do everything to make you feel at home. Being a tourist location, language is not a problem. Also, be adventurous and try all the Indonesian delicacies like Satay, and sea food so fresh straight from the aquariums in many restaurants.

The extensive beauty of the island is enough to make you want to relocate there permanently free from the responsibilities of daily life. So, if you feel like you need to pack a suitcase and just go somewhere for a break from reality, I suggest you visit Bali.

It is not difficult getting there as flights are easily available and resorts are plentiful and it is actually great value for money. Whether you decide to go with your entire family (you’re so brave if you do) or if you decide to go alone, Bali never fails to make your vacation as enjoyable as it can be. This little island has really captured my heart as I’m sure it will do the same for you.

Bali Beach

Kuta Beach

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