On reaching there, a young person came rushing towards the car, entered it and slammed the door hard. Anuj recognized him, it was Mehul. He was drowsy and could hardly keep his eyes open.

“Hey, drop me at D-17, Park Road”, uttered Mehul almost lying down on the rear.

Anuj silently started off driving. There was a pin drop silence in the car for the next few minutes as Anuj kept an eye on Mehul through the glass while driving.

U Turn

On reaching the destination, Anuj called up Mehul, “Please step down”. It was not the Kapoor’s place, rather it was Mehul’s friend’s home.

A half-conscious Mehul managed to get out of the car. Anuj assisted him in that. He was drunk to the core.

As Mehul tried to look up, Anuj slapped him hard on the face.

A fiery Anuj grabbed him by the collar and said, “Whom will you blame today, Mehul? Better take care of yourself. You are more unfortunate than me as you are yet to see how harsh life can be”.

“Anuj, you?” exclaimed a startled Mehul.

“Yes!Don’t think I’m going to kill you for whatever you did to me. Even I’ll not tell you what’s good or bad for you. You have already wasted a good part of your life into all these foul stuff. Grow up before it’s too late and you have nothing but some unforgiving memories to live with”, Anuj said as Mehul looked on cluelessly. The impact of drinks by that time had vanished. Mehul could hardly retaliate.

“Goodbye, and Good Luck”!, said Anuj as he got into the car and drove away in high speed. Mehul drenched in the heavy rain stared on. Life is always a bag of shocks and surprises. Mehul should not have taken it for granted.

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