Can sleeping with a person who has migraine issues transmit the ailment to you? That was the question I had in my mind while I was struggling with the excruciating pain on the left side of my head and forehead last night at 1 am!

I googled the cause for left side headache and it threw up various migraine related symptoms. Was I becoming a migraine patient because my husband had the issue and I sleep on the same bed as him?

Migraine Pain

Was it really a migraine attack?

While the pain was excruciating but even then it was not as bad as what he went through each time he would get a migraine attack. So what could this be?

Medical history

My pituitary gland had given me issues almost a decade and a half ago. Since then I was put on a lifelong medication of this tablet, half of which I had to take on every alternate day. The doctor had warned me to never stop the intake, for it may pose further complications including the gland putting pressure on my retina which may result in blindness!

In all follow on check ups, I was constantly inquired for symptoms of blurred vision or headaches. I didn’t have any. In the last 15 years, yesterday was the 3rd time that my medicines had got over and therefore I had missed 4 doses of it. Was that causing me the headache? How could my pituitary gland exert pressure on my retina so soon? Was I going to go blind 😳?

The bichari syndrome!

Or was this headache an outcome of all the crying I had done last morning? I was generally critical about all my relationships 🤦🏼‍♀️. Did I self pity too much and cry a lot? I don’t even remember! For just when I was about to feel ok, I had received a text message from a relative and he had further chewed my brains with emotional melodrama!

Deep well theory 😂

I have been such a fit and fine person 💁🏻. Most of my ailments had been internal! Be it the pituitary thing, the hormonal imbalance or borderline insulin resistance! But externally, I have had a clean record of no fever, headache, cold, cough, stomach upset or constipation, none at all. Why was my graph changing last night?

Getting serious…

It was almost 2 am and the headache had still not subsided. I had tried to deep breathe, sleep on my left side to put pressure on that side of the head, play soft music, read myself to sleep but nothing had helped. The headache was not ready to go!

I was getting convinced that age had played its role. At 33, I was gifted with yet another ailment – migraine. I was extremely heart broken because compared to my other unique ailments, this one was quite ordinary with no fancy cause attached to it!

Evening Recall

As I was recalling the triggers of migraine, I stopped at “eat food everyday at a fixed time”. Had I eaten my dinner at the fixed time? Hmmmm… did I? What had I eaten for dinner? I served food to my husband. Made him coffee too. Thereafter I cleared the kitchen counter, put the utensils for wash and cleared the dining table. I remembered everything but why couldn’t I remember what had I eaten?

Oh! I had not had dinner! I had had just 2 veg manchurian dumplings (left over from what my husband couldn’t finish). Was my headache an outcome of hunger? Ah! I thought of giving it a try. Slowly I got out of bed, filled a glass full of milk, heated it in the microwave and served myself some plain parathas alongwith the milk.

The moment I finished the first paratha out of 4, I had begun to feel better. By the time I had finished the 4th one, I knew what needed to be done for inner peace, liberalization and salvation!

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