Natural resources on earth are in serious danger. Consumption is way higher than production. This has put a severe strain on everything around us, from water to fossil fuels. The usual water conservation or fuel conservation techniques are outdated. Water, in particular, is a necessity we can’t live without. You can walk to work if fuel is too expensive, but what do you do when you’re thirsty? To leave water bodies at least half full with fresh water for future generations, here are a few unique water conservation tricks.

1. Everyday Chores

The amount of water we waste in everyday chores is insane. Every home needs a poster that lists water conservation techniques. Or we will end up with no water because the bai used it all in washing utensils. The golden rule of water conservation is to not keep the tap running while brushing and washing hands. Install a tap with a sensor to indirectly let everyone know that running taps are not cool. Alternatively, we can learn from Japan and wash hands in a sink over the pot tank. That way, the water is reused while flushing.

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The most stubborn utensils are those with oil and ghee stains. And we love our halwas and tadkas, so these stains are completely normal. But what if you used less oil and ghee in cooking? This strategy has two advantages. First, you get rid of the excessive stains, so you end up using less water for washing utensils. Second, you will start eating healthy by cutting down on excessive fats. Another great solution is to use fewer utensils overall. You really don’t need five spoons to eat lunch. Use one and you won’t have to waste water on washing the other four spoons.

2. Lifestyle + Water Conservation

A short haircut, such as pixie cut or a bob, will also aid in water conservation. Less hair = less shampoo = less water while washing. Quite simple, right? Make sure your washing machine is fully loaded when you turn it on. If it is going to be using liters of water, it might as well wash a ton of clothes. While waiting for the water to turn hot during a shower, place a bucket underneath and collect all the cold water. You could use it for everyday chores or flushing.

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A Few More Tricks

Never wash vegetables under running water. Instead, place a bowl underneath and use that water for watering your plants. Same goes with utensils, never rinse them under running water. Fill a small bucket and rinse those utensils in there. The water you use to cook pasta or steam veggies can be used for the garden as well.

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Of course, you should practice the usual water conservation techniques, because we don’t want to live on a planet where residents have to pay thousands of rupees just to use water. But these slightly hatke and unusual water conservation techniques are bound to teach everyone around you something new.

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