Three months later, the Rain God was very angry with our village. It rained heavily in Kurka flooding the river, whereas the neighbouring villages like Remsa, Banwari and Kali were all dry and had pleasant weather. The next day, a huge war broke out. Father mounted on one of our horses and rushed to the main temple. Later, I discovered that some foreign people had come to the temple to loot it of all its riches and treasures. Not to be left behind, I mounted on another horse and galloped towards to the temple as well.

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The War

There was a huge fight between the foreigners and our people. The foreigners had axes made of metal and knives made of bronze whereas Kurkians stuck to bows and arrows and metal daggers. We definitely outnumbered them but they were very skillful and deft and managed to inflict significant injuries on the finest warriors. Not wasting a minute, I took out my dagger and stabbed a man who was about to injure father from back. He looked at me and his eyes welled with pride and I returned a reassuring look.

In the next one hour we managed to get rid of most of these people. One of the fighters among them was particularly skilled. He killed almost everybody who came his way. I chased that man till the gold needle manufacturing room. Something about him was weirdly familiar. I was sure I knew the broad shoulders and the green eyes even though his face was covered with a red cloth. I was fighting him and somehow he managed to make me lose control of all my weapons.
“Purus, I can’t kill you. Please go away before I become weak. Please. ”

“Namen. What are you doing? Stealing riches from the temple? Why? ,” I was so shell shocked that I couldn’t say anything more.

Love and Lost

“Purus, I love you and you will never understand why I am doing this but please go. You know we can’t be together. You are very strong headed and focused and I just want to loot places and conquer them. I want to be famous. I want people to remember me forever. I love you. But we aren’t meant to be.” He shed a tear. I saw him gallop away into the void.

I knew I couldn’t let him go. Not this time and definitely not in this way. I picked up the bow from the ground and with trembling hands took an unsteady shot. It hit him in his back and he fell off his horse. He plucked out the arrow from his back and lay on his back trying to look at me. I took another shot. This time my shot was a little more composed and confident and aimed towards his chest. It pierced his chest. I dropped the bow and slowly walked towards him. I saw his dying face. I couldn’t stop staring at what I had done. I couldn’t move or say anything.

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I loved this man more than anything but I had no choice. Culture, hunger for power and distance separated us.

“It was a pleasure to get killed by you, sweetheart.”

Our side won the battle, but the loss I was grieving for was worth more than all temple riches and the victory achieved.

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