On my way back from the airport, I realized that Hari was constantly checking me out. Holding a cigarette in my hand might have forced him to have a paradigm shift about my image. After some time, even though my cigarette had got over, he did not stop to look at me. I looked down and realized that the pink strap was visible, I tucked it in and pulled up my top a bit to cover my assets properly. He made me uneasy and got me thinking… I now started to check out the straps of all the women I could find on the road. Most of them were pillion to their men on the bike. Every woman had flab popping out above and below the bra strap.


Bra Boobs & Woman

Seeing the strap I realize that bra & b**bs are such an important thing in a woman’s life. As you grow older, suddenly these two things gain hell lot of importance. I mean imagine how many times in a day as a child would you be bothered to check yourself and ensure that “they” are not looking through the tight dress.

Practically, every person when sees a woman from behind, atleast once tries to see if the garment is transparent and can the bra strap be seen. All time famous is the white strap bra. Such a vanilla bra but considered to be sensuous in its basic skin. White bra probably is available with every woman and in each and every household. White top and a white bra are probably  inseparable.


Love for bras

How much money is spent in keeping the two hanging assets together, does anyone have an idea? Have we ever in life spent so much of money in anything else apart from a bra, knowing it is never going to be publicly visible? But are we saying that we do not invest in lingerie?
Will any of us agree that we wear sexy lingerie only to seduce our guys? I am sure the answer is no. The first time I picked up the lacy ones I didn’t even have an idea what seduction is all about.

Bra The Topic of Discussion In School

Suddenly in school all of a sudden b**bs became a hot topic of discussion. We all girls were asked by our respective parents or moms, more or less during the same time to start wearing bras. And our entire discussion then was about bra sizes. Each one of us then took pride if one had smaller b**bs than the other. Funnily enough, the fact changed as we all grew up and realized that size does matter!!

Must have been such a heart breaking thing for several of those girls now turned women who would have then taken pride on their small b**bs only to later hunt for a padded bra!!!

No Other Garment Is So Important

Have you ever realized we do not associate so much of importance to our panties unless we are planning for a bikini or buying an entire lingerie set. Most of the time bras are shopped first and then matching panties are hunted for. On a very rare occasion we pick up the panties first and then hunt for a matching bra. Is not our v*g*na more important logically than b**bs?
I think from ancient times the identity of woman has been through her b**bs and not through any other part of her body. In fact I feel every guy has this itch to press the curvy structure the moment they gain access to a woman’s body. B**bs are the first place they would want to lay their hands on to. Going anywhere else is an untold cardinal sin!!
Oh that reminds me of the word Meh-boob-a. 😛 #PJ

 Its Not Sensuous Without A Bra

Okay now let us come to something serious – love making. I am sure all will agree kiss is the first step of arousal and is usually followed by undressing each other. When your top is pulled out, be honest and say do you get any further aroused? No! right? On contrary we feel cold for that fraction of second because suddenly one entire garment is removed and your body lies exposed. Why do we get freaking horny the moment his hand reaches our back?? I know that so many of us always move from level 1 of excitement to level 2 the moment strap is unhooked. And freak. you get turned off as well if the guy takes time to unhook or does not do it at all!!!
If the counting meter is on then probably full brownie points to the guy who unhooks it in style in one attempt that too with the right effort and passionately. So much of our attention is given to the guy’s skill for those few seconds when he is unhooking the bra!!
What is it? Just a hook. He is not touching you anywhere. The same hook if is unhooked on the shirt, trousers or anywhere else I don’t think there lies any fun. So what is it? The hook? The bra? The touch? Or something else… Well you can tell me. I think we associate so much of importance to our b**bs and bra that anything happening to it makes us feel so special, pampered and horny :p

 Women Love Boobs More Than Men

Lastly, guys checking out girls is a natural phenomena. However when you wear a low “cleavage revealing” dress few guys will check you out and few might miss seeing you if they have seen enough of it. However every single girl-woman you pass through will probably want to peep in and sink inside to check out your b**bs? Why? I mean are you bothered to see the colour of t*ts? Or you want to find the hidden treasure in the cleavage? Women are more curious than men about b**bs. Since for women they are the most precious thing on their body.
I will end this article with the thought that are not all our body parts of equal importance from a feminine perspective? Then why are we so biased towards our b**bs?
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