6. Platform Wedges

If you are not the kind of person who has been blessed with a lot of height, then this is the perfect kind of trendy shoes for you. These are high, comfortable and excessively stylish. These trendy shoes will surely be one of the coolest additions to your shoe collection. They can come in various styles and shapes and can be worn with pretty much anything.

Platform Wedges shoes for women

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7. Summer Sandals

During the hot summer months, you want something that is not only stylish but also comfortable. Most of the time, our feet sweat and it may lead to bad odour. Therefore summer flats are the perfect kind of footwear for you. These are light, stylish and open; allowing your feet to breathe easily. Most of the summer sandals can be worn with anything except formal evening clothing.

Flat Shoes for Women

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8. Sneakers

Taking for granted that women only need delicate, pretty shoes, or loud, fashionable pumps is stereotypical. Sneakers are one of the coolest, most comfortable and trendy shoes in all of existence. They are made in various colors and designs, so much so that you can even wear them with your summer dresses.

Sneakers for Women

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9. Stacked Heels Shoes

This is the reason articles such as this is needed because most people don’t understand the difference between the various kinds of shoes. When you want to appear taller, without having to deal with the discomfort that accompanies pumps or pencil heels, this 90’s fashion style is going to be a life-saver.


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10. Stiletto Heels

This is perhaps the most frequently worn kind of heel! The name derives itself from the word meaning a short, sharp, dagger with a tapering end. Stilettos accurately describes the heel of the shoe and unless you are careful, you could end up with both ankles broken. They can be worn with the most elegant of dresses and with pants with equal ease.

Stilettos Shoes for Women

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