There are people and then there are revolutionaries embodied in flesh and blood. There are numerous instances in history that have borne witness to a man beyond comprehension. Here are ten legendary revolutionaries of the world whose work will be always be triumphed.

1. Guy Fawkes

We all know him from the movie, V for Vendetta and that iconic mask has made its way to pop culture too. In 1605, a failed plan to blow up the parliament of England guaranteed Guy Fawkes a place in history, so much so that, November 5th, is still celebrated as “Guy Fawkes night” by burning his effigies on bonfires.

2. Che Guevara

Dr. Ernesto Guevara is the pictorial representation of rebellion. Our T-shirts will vouch for that. As a medical student, when he travelled across South America, he came in close contact with poverty and desolation and that’s how he came to rebel against capitalist regimes finally, becoming second in command of the 26th of July movement that overthrew the dictatorship in Cuba.

3. Bhagat Singh

Revolutionaries Bhagat SinghImage Source

Bhagat Singh avenged the death of Lala Lajpat Rai by killing the British police officer. He was jailed for the crime but there was no peace for the Britishers even then. Bhagat Singh led a hunger strike in jail demanding equal treatment of prisoners. He became an atheist, a nonbeliever of nonviolence policies. Bhagat Singh became a person who grew up with anarchist and Marxist viewpoints, his ideals were as refreshing as his youth. He was executed at the age of 23, following the murder trial of the police officer however such revolutionaries continue to live on in our memories forever.

4. John Lennon

Need we say anything more than that name? Apart from the fact that he was a celebrated musician, both pre and post Beatles, he was also a peace activist. He was a major advocate of anti-war movement, and when we say major, we mean, he was on the brink of deportation due to his anti-Vietnam war sentiments.

5. Malcolm X

Revolutionaries Malcolm X

Orphaned at a young age, entered the walls of prison at the tender age of twenty and rose to power in an organisation inside the prison, called, Nation of Islam, and turn of events later led him to be assassinated by the same organisation. The biography of Malcolm X remains an iconic book to date.

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