Warning: Smoking has killed millions over the past years. What started as a whiff or drag from a cigarette has somehow lead many to become completely addicted to these ‘death sticks’. Though it may seem that people around us are just over reacting to this bad habit, the adverse effects are numerous and cannot be reversed by any lung exercises or surgeries. Smokers put themselves at the risk of lung cancer, emphysema and heart diseases. Cigarette smoking leads to the clogging of blood vessels that ultimately lead to heart attacks if not monitored.

Quitting cigarettes is hard for some, especially for those addicted to them. The opportunity should thus be taken to minimize the risks caused by smoking to the consumer. One such way is by the use of lung exercises. It boosts the amount of blood flow to the brain and staves off cravings. Doing something that actively engages us will not just help improve health, but could possibly lead us to quit smoking ultimately too. Neurons malfunction and get damaged by smoking extensively, leading to depletion of functioning neurons.

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A study by the National Academy of Sciences stated that exercise promotes the birth of neurons. We can say that lung exercises counteract the adverse effects of smoking. Nothing could show as positive results as quitting smoking completely. It is a long term and slow process that should be given thought. Till then, lung exercises are the go to treatment for minimizing the ill effects.

NOTE: The lung exercises should preferably be done in a quiet place where you are sure not to be disturbed.

Exercise I:

-By heavy gasping, let out all the air from your diaphragm.

-Exhale through your mouth, until it feels like there is no air in your lungs, giving you the feeling that your stomach has been pulled towards your spine.

-Next, Inhale through your nose.

-Fill your lungs with air and hold your breath for around 6 seconds.

-Exhale through your mouth again till there is no breath left in your lungs.

-Repeat exercise as and when time permits.

Other than cleansing your lungs, this exercise also makes your stomach and diaphragm stronger.

Exercise II: The Double Down breath is one such technique which would help you not to crave for too many cigarettes, bringing us back to center, detoxifies the body, slows brainwaves down, all done in 30 seconds.

-Inhale for 4 counts.

-As you inhale through the nose, let your ribs flare wide in all directions.

-Hold in on the last breath for around 8 seconds, releasing the breath as slowly as possible.

-At first you might feel a strain, but through continued practice, you will get used to it and continue for a longer period.

The same exercise must be repeated for as many times a day as possible.

We should try twice as long exhales as inhales. Inhale through nose, exhale through mouth. It is a mimic of what people do while smoking.

Remember, it is the breath that calms you and not the smoking. Do the exercises above and continue on your way to full revival of optimal body functioning.

Exercise your lungs and get ready to revive and rejuvenate yourself. A better life awaits.

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