A rainy Sunday morning, a hot cup of coffee and a mystery novel makes for the perfect day. Being an only child to working parents and having spent most of my childhood alone at home, books became my companion from early on in life. From Cinderella’s fairy godmother to Harry Potter’s wizardry and from Jeffery Archer’s Kane & Abel to Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, I have read it all. They are all a part of who I am. The feeling I get while turning the pages of a book, is pure bliss. That feeling can never be reproduced while reading a downloaded pdf file or from kindle and the kind.


Importance of Paper Books In the Internet Era

We are called the tech savvy generation for a reason. Every other person is carrying around an android or an iphone or a sibling thereof. Every teenager proudly flashes their expensive cellphones and are owners of a decent laptop to say the least. It has in fact become a necessity today; to own these devices. Life will probably come to a standstill if not for them. It saddens me to say that with more and more technological advancement, the youth of today are forgetting to read anything other than books prescribed in their syllabus. They indulge in Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and the likes so much, that turning the pages of a book have ceased to give them pleasure. They have either forgotten or have never experienced the joys of possessing a good book.

BooksHowever, it would be unfair of me to forget those notable folks who, in spite of their busy schedules, always make time to read a book. Especially because I belong to that category and I absolutely cannot go to sleep without a good read.

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The joy of reading a paper book

The difference between book lovers of now and of previous generations,  is the fact that they read the actual book, the physical copy, while we mostly turn to ebooks. This distinction automatically puts in my head, a question begging to be asked – is it indeed the same?

Sure, the content is the same, it is easier to acquire and probably even cheaper. But even with all these frills, does it really arouse that sense of ecstasy in you, as physically turning the pages of a heart-warming novel? E-books definitely don’t make the cut for me. For me, the appearance of the book, the feel, the smell, the dust covered old manuscripts – EVERYTHING – is of significant value and adds to the overall experience of reading. It is comparable to a Skype conversation versus talking to someone who is physically present with you. It is almost the same, but not quite there.


Can I be happy with e books?

If I dare say, the habit of reading books will strive to survive in the coming generations. I certainly cannot say with conviction. May be someday bookstores and paperbacks will get replaced by the internet and ebooks. But I hope not.I shall never indulge in reading ebooks and always make that extra effort to go to a bookstore and buy a copy of my choice.

What would you prefer? Go with the flow or risk being called traditional?

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