The boom in 360 degree videos is surely making all of us wonder what is the technology all about. Why are everybody going crazy for such videos. Travel & tourism websites have gone all out creating virtual tours for every destination they want people to travel to. Infact, new businesses have come up with valuation of billion dollars if they are using Artificial Intelligence and 360 degree technology as their core area.

YouTube enabled 360 degree videos in March 2015 followed by Facebook in September. Making such videos is not difficult anymore as most of the new age cameras provide the option of going 360.

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Usage of 360 degree videos

These videos are mainly used in the entertainment, travel, fashion, and goods & furniture industry. Very recently, even educational industry has started to use this technology for better modes of teaching. Some other segments where 360 degree videos are used are Theme Parks, Museums, Archaeology Centers &  Heritage Sites. All these places have used 360 degree cameras to create virtual presentations and interactive walk through experience.

 The Drawbacks of 360 degree videos

  • Most of the time, all these videos require the users to move or rotate their phone to record or view the entire picture. While do so, a user may not be able to keep his/her hand still or maintain the pace.
  • Secondly while viewing these videos, a user may not know when to see what and in which direction. Multiple views might be required before a user can experience everything that the video is trying to show.
  • Since these videos are big in size they occupy lot of space in the storage devices and also takes a longer time to load.
  • Due to the craze of these videos, 360 degree videos are being made even for things where it is unnecessary thus spoiling the experience.

Having said all of this, 360 degree videos are a rage today. It has enabled a holistic viewing of place or things without going anywhere. The technology is beginning to resonate with the masses and will surely revolutionize the industry.

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