There are anywhere between 2.5 to 3 crore cases pending in Indian courts. There are many reasons for this like the working hours, the speed of the process, the lack of infrastructure and even the power struggle between the judiciary and the legislative. However, in lieu of all this, some really important cases are pending for judgement. We take a look at them below:

Rape cases

Despite the fast track courts, there are still 31,000 pending rape and sexual assault cases pending in the courts. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, no names could be found for important pending cases. But many victims and their families have rallied for faster justice, as claimed by news reports.

Corporate scams

Due to the intricacies involved, there are many corporate scams on which the judgement is still pending. This allows the culprits to walk scott free

Satyam Scam: Ramalinga Raju and other co-conspirators scammed for an amount of Rs.7200 Crore in 2009. Raju and 10 others walked out on bail in November 2011 after the CBI failed to charge him on time and it was not clear which court would hear him. It has been a while since the CBI is saying its near completion of the case.


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Ketan Parekh securities scam: Trading in what is known as k-10 stocks, Parekh scammed for an amount of Rs. 1,250 crore in 1999-2001. He borrowed from big banks and manipulated the stocks. He was banned from the stock market till 2017. However, an Intelligence bureau report states that he may still be behind many trading companies, using a false name.

Speak Asia scam: Harender Kaur and others scammed for an amount of Rs. 2000 crore in 2011. There was on online business survey asking over 24 lakh investors to fill the survey and promising them quadruple income. They collected over thousands of crores of money. They were accused of looting with a Ponzi scheme. The managers are all absconding and those who were looted from their money are awaiting justice.

Murder cases

There have been some very horrifying and shocking murder cases too, on which judgements could not be reached. Here are some of them:


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Rajiv Dixit: An Indian Nationalist and a patriot, he passed away in 2010. His death was a mystery. He spoke openly against government and MNCs and had many controversial opinions. On his way to a lecture, he suffered an apparent cardiac arrest but his body was blue-black, indicative of poisoning. While his loved ones tried to get an investigation into the matter, it’s still pending.

Sunanda Pushkar: Shashi Tharoor – India’a and Twitter’s much loved politician suffered a blow with his wife’s death. A day before the death of Sunanda Pushkar there was a heated argument and series of controversial tweets issues from her account. By evening, Sunanda released a statement saying the security of her account had been breached. However to everyone’s shock by the evening of next day, she was found dead in a hotel room. There are many versions available on the cause of her death but none explain the cause clearly. The case is still pending in the court.


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As we can see, some very high profile cases too are pending in Indian courts. Till the crime rates go down or our judiciary works with a faster pace, looks like we will continue to struggle with pending cases.

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