Don Bosco School Kolkata has a long drawn history that dates back to 1958 when the Catholic order of Salesian Don Bosco acquired land in the Park Circus area and established a school. Towards the completion of the same, in 1957, Rev. Fr. Charles Dyer was the first Reactor and Principal of Don Bosco Park Circus, the rest is history.

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Don Bosco School Kolkata is well thought of among the other missionary schools in Kolkata owing to its pedigree and cutting-edge educational endeavor. However, this is not the only Don Bosco in the country and there is one branch each in places such as Imphal, New delhi, Kerala, Chennai, Guwahati, Bangalore, Mumbai. What has the bigger draw with people about the Don Bosco school Kolkata is the old charm.  Shrouded in nostalgia, the school embraces the pupils with unmatched adulation, takes care of their emotional well-being and make the best human being out of each one. One may also argue that all schools are the same as to build future pioneers. But like I said before, what really sets Kolkata Don Bosco apart is their legacy.

Don Bosco Kolkata is said to be the true connoisseur of the Don Bosco educational system that is dedicated to serve the youth of today’s India. Their bold initiatives to promote high-end education across India in wide public glare, operating under the challenges of diverse socio-cultural realities, and sending the hitherto porous education system of India under repairs are the ones Kolkata Don Bosco is acknowledged for.

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The school life in Kolkata Don Bosco is way liberated than its counterparts. They make the best pupils around the country and the effort is credited to the incredibly talented faculty and their warm approach towards the students. This also helps build a long lasting mutual consent allowing the students impunities to learn with their own sweet pace.

Bengalis, being the flag bearers of culture and high on their intellectual property, make every event that takes place in the school premises an aesthetically augmented engagement. Here’s the Rabindra Janma Jayanti being referred where the students pour their hearts to pay homage to the legend himself, a rare sight in other missionary schools in India. That apart, Don Bosco Kolkata also celebrates May day, Picnics, excursions, farewell and fests to manifest fellow-feeling and brotherhood. Not to mention, the events are lit up by most out-of-the-box games and activities.


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More reason why Don Bosco Kolkata is considered better than the others is because the students are here readied for the colossal challenges outside their comfort zone. A Don Bosco alumnus will always acknowledge his responsibilities towards his society so to his family, he will be humble and not blown away by success.

The Salesians are part of the world-wide family and propagate education of international standards. They are religious and least dogmatists who have deep veneration for the diverse religious, linguistic, cultural demarcations of India.

To name a few notable alumni who made it big in the long haul,

  • Rakesh Gangwal,Former President, US Airways, co-founder, Indigo Airlines
  • Amitabha Ghosh, planetary geologist and only Asian scientist on NASA’s Mars Rover mission
  • Samit Basu, author of the GameWorld trilogy which includes The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secret and The Unwaba Revelations
  • Neel Mukherjee, UK-based critic and author of Past Continuous which won the Vodafone Crossword Book Award for Best Fiction of 2008.
  • Aninda Sinha, Physicist.
  • Praveen Gupta, Founder, Tallenge, Inc.

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