Four friends were going on a road trip when it started to rain heavily. The thunder and lightening was fierce. After having seen lightening strike just few meters away from their car, instead of getting cautious, the friends got a bit adventurous!

They stopped the car thirty feet away from an electric pole and said, we all have to die one day, is the one day today or some other day. All the friends found the statement weird but waited for him to say more. He proposed risking their safety by getting down from the car one by one and returning in a minute after touching the electric pole.

His idea was to test their luck and see if they can return without getting struck by lightening! While it sounded stupid, nevertheless the remaining three agreed for the sake of making the trip adventurous.

Tryst with lightening

The first friend got down hesitantly, touched the pole and came back alive. He made it appear so easy that the second and third one did it as if it was no big business. The downpour continued and lightening kept on kissing the surface of the earth. Now it was time for the guy who proposed the idea to get down. Rains had increased significantly from the time they had stopped and there was no light except from the frequent torches lit by the lightening.

He looked tensed and the remaining three began to bully him. They pushed him out of the car and locked it from inside. Reluctantly, with shivering legs he headed towards the pole while constantly turning back and looking up to assess the position of the lightening. He reached the pole and hurriedly touched it. To his surprise he saw a bright flash of light from the behinds of his head. He turned his head quickly and saw his car lit up in fire! The lightening had struck the car.

All the three friends had caught fire instantly and the door wouldn’t open. The torrential rains were of no help to douse the fire. The friend who was outside shuddered in fear to not even go near the car. In front of his eyes, three of his friends were burning to death. They were crying for help banging the glasses but he was standing helplessly.

His fate was such that all he could do is run around frantically but be able to do nothing. All he could do was hear his friends screaming and see them die in front of his eyes.

Here is a lesson

Most of the time the outcomes are absolutely different from what we anticipate them to be. A small act of fun can turn life threatening if it has to be. Nature is superior to all and we should never forget that.

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