Conceptions, ignorance and ideologies

There are religious gurus who can’t still tell the difference between Hinduism and Sanathan Dharma, worse, preach them as one. This is not really the case, to tell you, Hinduism is a doctrine or a set of belief followed by the Hindus. Sanathana Dharma can’t fit in the the imperial framework to serve selfish purposes. Neither the Hindu scriptures confine this set of ideologies. As a matter of fact, it challenges the rigidity and limitations of the same. Sanathan Dharma holds true with the diverse Indian culture and doesn’t dwell on the purpose of empire.

Hair-splitting insights into Sanathan Dharma

Santhan Dharma, as a matter of fact, is Vedanta philosophy. It is the eternal religion that has no founder. Precisely, it is the science of the soul that thrives on a few questions like what is the object of life? Why have we come to this world? And what will happen to us after death? So if put simply, Sanathan Dharma is no sectarian religion. Furthermore, it deals with spiritual ideologies that oversee the souls.


Dharma stands for doctrine. As can be seen, Sanathan Dharma is indoctrinated. It is believed to be Anadi (that has no beginning) and a-Paurusheya (not credited to a human founder).  As has been noted in the Rigveda, Sanathan Dharma teaches about the cosmic truth of the universe. All the living and non-living things saturated with higher consciousness fell in the radar.

To sum up:

  1. It doesn’t follow any creed
  2. It is the science of the souls and learning about the cosmic truth of the universe.
  3. has no beginning and no founder. So it is Anadi and a-Paurusheya .
  4. Old sages preach this orally. This is not confined in the books. However, some ancient Hindu scriptures like the Rigveda have its mention.
  5. Firstly, it seeks to answer of a few questions about human existence and secondly, the afterlife.
  6. The followers believe that the god has no form and the Vedas aren’t the only means to attain metaphysical comfort.

Existence of Sanathan Dharma

It existed even before the creation of the universe and will exist upto the Pralaya. Much like the law of gravitation it will exist covertly later. It is the great indestructible protecting force of the populace. In essence, it will rise again with the creation afresh. Not only Sanathan Dharma leads you to salvation but also connects you to a liberated, holy, eternal, joyful god.

Notably, there are three distinct features in Sanathan Dharma:

  1. incepted by the eternal supreme soul
  2. eternal in itself
  3. makes its followers eternal

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