Today’s attack in Uri unnerves every single one of us. We are thinking of war and revenge. Yes Pakistan has pushed the envelope too far yet again.

Troubled times between India and Pakistan never seem to end. Since the partition of British India (1947), Indo-Pak relation fell afoul of a slew of conflicts. Be it Bangladesh Liberation War (1971), Indian Parliament Attack (2001), Kashmir Conflict, Kashmir Insurgency (1989), Kargil War (1999), Pathankot Attack (2016) or today’s attack in Military’s base of Uri in Jammu & Kashmir.

With so many occasions of insurgency what makes India resilient? Why are we not declaring a war? Perhaps and thankfully over government realises that war is no solution to any problem ever. During such turbulent times in the global economy it is sensible enough to maintain peace as much as possible. We are not weak we are not going to be silent and Pakistan surely cannot deny our growing restlessness.

We will revenge in our own ways and the sacrifices of the 17 soldiers will not go waste. These are permanent damages for which the country has to pay in ways other than war.

Pakistan claims to be India’s friend however barring the few incidents mentioned below we have no other gesture from them. What we remember is Pathankot, Uri, 26/11 and Hafiz Saeed!

Read on below how Pakistan fared its share of responsibility:


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Releasing 18 Indian fishermen

Let’s start with a very recent incident. 18 Indian fishermen have violated territorial waters of the country not long ago. Of course, they were taken captive soon after and kept in Malir Jail in Karachi. The cops also seized two boats in essence of the violation act. In the Arabian Sea border however, this is not a rare event. I mean for fishermen belonging to both the countries. And they are immediately arrested in practice. In a friendly bid, they even freed 300 of the same who completed their term.


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Pakistan supports India’s dovetail with Afghanistan

Pakistan too wanted repair of the tumultuous times in Afghanistan. Here’s referring to the year 2015. Not to mention, it thus wholeheartedly supports India’s positive advances there. Because peace, progress and balance of power should return there in the first place. Pakistan also sought USA’s help to convince India into resolve all issues between them.

Pakistani Army lends a hand of help in Siachen glacier

Recently, in 19,000 feet altitude, an avalanche broke in. The place is the infamous Siachen Glacier. It thereby buried deep some Indian Army personnel. India had adequate resources to start the rescue operation at once. Pakistani Army still made no delay to offer help. Now that sounds like friendly. Doesn’t it? The ongoing rescue operation thus picked up speed.


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Pakistan’s secret promise to help India find Netaji

It was back in 1968. A top Pakistani official swore to help India. That is by decoding Netaji Subhash Bose’s journey in Europe during World War II. Of course, India had to seek Pakistan’s help. It is because Peshawar and Kabul fell en route his journey.


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Barring these few exceptions the nation does not have any encouraging actions to which India can relate to and have a reconsideration if there is war planned in the cards. Pakistan did it again just as Qandeel Baloch did and Pakistan will face the music just as poor Qandeel Baloch did.

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