‘You have to decide it now, time is running. 3 months! It will pass quickly’ said Agent Aaron to Sam looking straight into his eyes. Sam looks at his son while turning the pages of his favorite book, The World in 20th century. Sam turns towards Aaron. ‘I want him to experience what is written in this ancient literature.’ Sam spoke with a strong stubborn voice. ‘You will. I promise you. It is my responsibility to bring Sam back after the ceremony. After all he is my beloved too. I have loved him as much as my own son.’ replied Aaron.

The Inhibition For Digital Plight

Sam is lost in thoughts. Aaron becomes impatient. Sam my friend do not get lost in people’s opinion.’ He replied. ‘No, I am not. But I sense almost everybody cannot be wrong about this ceremony. They say some magical spells are done on the children, which makes them a sort of robot, who follows order and what not.

All the laws of this world are programmed into his brain. He loses his power and ability to reason and think.’ replied Aaron. ‘Wrong, completely wrong. They actually program all the knowledge of the Science and Religion into his mind which surely will be useful to him when he grows up.’

Digital Plight - Short Story

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‘Sam, my time is also running. I have promised General Dury about bringing your son to him. Trust me. I also want a bright future for Sam. Reading books and imparting your knowledge won’t be of any help to him. He needs to get the programming done. I bet you he’ll be a different person altogether. Helpful to society, neighbors, friends, the king, the general and off course you. And what else? 5 years will be added to his life cycle.’ spoke Aaron.

Father’s Plight

‘Aaron my brother, I feel he will lose the sensitivity given by the almighty if he mixes and interacts with the outside world. After all you have left 10 years to live. I am left with quite a less number. And Sam as you can see has 5 years left but what help will it be to him if he has to live a mechanical, robotic life following peoples order and not being able to do what he likes and lastly the desire common to all of us, getting a glimpse of the lord of light sun.

Have you read about trees and mountains? They are spectacular creation of nature. I want him to grow up one day and live in those places. Near almighty, contemplating and pondering over his creation.’ said Sam with great zeal.

Short Story

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The unconvincing move

‘Sam, General Dury gives this opportunity of programming the brains with his ideas to only few children! You sure you don’t want to send him?’ asked Aaron. ‘My brother, I love you. But I want him to be a philosopher and think new ideas, bring a change in the world with his own work. Forgive me I can’t do this to him. I can’t send him.’ Tears were rolling from Aaron’s eyes while he reached the door and left.

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