Weary and hungry the runaway couple sat down in the shade of the humongous banyan tree. The miles of walking had taken away their strength to go any further. They yearned for water  and food but barring the vast expanse of nature there was nothing as far as they could see.

Nature around them was breathing taking. It was not possible to get such a lovely view back at home. Concrete seldom allows nature to flourish. Having said that, the colourful canvas was a deterrent only for a short while. The pangs of hunger and unquenchable thirst did not let them think of anything else.

Helplessness overtook the desire of food & water but mother nature showed some mercy and put its children to bed on a hungry stomach. In the slumber the runaway couple were reminded about their comfortable childhood. There was not a thing to worry about. They would play together every evening with other children in their neighborhood and share every secret with each other. They would walk to school hand in hand and play till the dawn turned to night.
Lake View for the Runaway Couple

Coming back to present, the twinkling stars now slowly started to dim away and came out the first rays of the crimson light. As the runaway couple woke up to the chirping of birds, reality struck once again. They had to start walking and look for food one more time.

The journey was difficult but it was worth it for the sake of love. Situation back at home was not encouraging for them to stay there any longer. There was little choice available and therefore they fled away at dusk. Everything around them had a sense of familiarity but even then it was unknown.

Love is blinding. The runaway couple were carrying just a couple of clothes in a small bag and a bottle of water. The little money that they had saved up over years was long over. Now they were left with nothing but each other and that was their silver lining.

The Runaway Couple Plan

Both of them got out of their respective houses and went to the railway station. They caught a train to this far away land where no one would know them. Love in twenties is only about passion. Little did they know about the ways of the world. The only thing that they did know was that they loved each other. And love was no crime, no matter how much others tried to convince them of it. Both of their mothers had shed many a tears, but they had no option. They wanted to be together and the families would not allow that.

As they walked a little further they saw a line of thatched roofs. Their joys knew no bound. The runaway couple found a ray of hope in that red roof line. She now held HER hand and comforted her. She told her everything would be fine and wiped her tears away with a kiss.

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