A very warm hand rested on his cold one. Jamie looked up to see two very old eyes, looking down on him with an indifference. This indifference hurt Jamie more than his bandaged limbs and so he looked down immediately, hiding his guilt.

The old man sat down beside him with a slight grin on his face. Night lights gave him a ghastly look plus now the grin completed the ghostly look.

“I am sorry,” muttered Jamie while lying on the hospital bed with his broken limb.

“You should be,” the man said, more hoarsely than he had intended to. But that was just the air conditioning getting to him.

“You aren’t a lot hurt, are you?” Jamie asked, gathering enough courage to look up at him.

“Just a scratch. I served in military. Doesn’t hurt a bit,” the man said.

Jamie and Andrea

“I generally don’t drive that rash. I just had to go to that concert. Not the band, I don’t care about them. They are good but you wouldn’t agree to that. But, that’s not the point. This girl I like, she loves them and she was waiting for me and she wouldn’t go in without me and I would hate it for her to miss the opening act,” Jamie said.

“I didn’t see the girl in the hospital.” The man said.

“She doesn’t know. I was too embarrassed. She would hate me for doing that to you,” said Jamie.

“Doing what? It’s just a scratch. She should be mad at you for doing that to yourself,” the man said.

“Should I tell her?” asked Jamie.

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“You don’t want to see her?” The man asked.

“I do. Not like this. She always thought I was the most considerate and the most careful. Bandaged head to toe is in no way close to that!”

“Well, if you do like her, wouldn’t you rather have her know that you could be rash at times?” The man asked.

“Not really. It’s nice to have an illusion of perfection,” said Jamie.

Jamie and Andrea

“Yes it’s nice but then you that not being true and honest. Trust me, you want that more than you want “perfection” the man said.

Jamie thought for a while and remained silent. The old man got up.

“I’ll visit you tomorrow. It’s late, get some sleep.” Saying so, the man began to leave.

“I’ll call her tomorrow,” said Jamie looking up at the man. The old man looked back at him with affectionate eyes and continued to walk on.

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