It had been raining all day. ‘It’s perfect weather for a horror movie,’ Marie said. ‘You bet,’ I said. We both loved the eerie claustrophobia of good horror movies. But we felt the new age horror movies lacked atmosphere. We both agreed the last decent horror flick we’d watched was The Sixth Sense. ‘Too bad we’ve seen it already,’ I said. Suddenly Marie’s eyes brightened. ‘Hey, do you want to try Erasure?’ she said. ‘You’re kidding,’ I said.

About Erasure

Erasure was a new technology that allowed you to selectively ‘forget’ certain memories. People used it to forget unpleasant memories. The process involved hypnosis. A few friends we knew had tried it and had reported a good experience. No side effects. ‘Look, we’re not forgetting anything significant. We’re just going to hire the hypnotist to forget all memory of The Sixth Sense so that we can watch it for the first time all over again,’ Marie told me. ‘You have a point,’ I said. What could happen anyway? So we called Erasure.

The moment arrived but something….

Their hypnotist took out a pendulum from his briefcase and held it before us. We stared at the pendulum as the hypnotist said ‘You are forgetting all traces of the movie The Sixth Sense.’ Then we fell asleep. When we awoke, we found a post-it note on the TV that read: ‘You just hired Erasure to erase all memory of The Sixth Sense so you can watch it again.’ That was our cue.

So we downloaded the movie and started to watch it. And it worked. We had no memory of the movie. We couldn’t tell which way the plot was going to unfold. Suddenly the phone rang. It was my friend Denise. ‘What are you guys doing?’ she asked. ‘We’re watching this movie called The Sixth Sense,’ I said. ‘Oh that was a lovely day!’ Denise said. ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. ‘We watched that movie together, you, Marie, me and Paul, remember?’ Denise said. ‘I don’t remember that,’ I said. ‘What are you saying? Don’t you remember how we all gasped in the theatre when we realized Bruce Willis’ character was a ghost?’ she said. ‘I’ll talk to you later,’ I said and hung up.

‘Who was that?’ Marie said. ‘Denise,’ I said. We ate some chips and kept watching the movie or rather Marie kept watching the screen intently while my attention wandered. ‘What’s wrong, aren’t you enjoying it?’ Marie asked. ‘Oh no it’s great,’ I said. ‘It’s simply great.’

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