Rahul sat quietly at the table poking his food in his very special Winnie the Pooh bowl, only the food in it wasn’t his favorite! His mom had made peas rice and he didn’t like the peas at all. He could hear his mom talking loudly on the phone, but he didn’t understand all of what they were speaking. He wished he could run away from his seat, but his mom had tied him up nicely in his baby seat at the dining table.

Short Story: Rahul Loves Kangaroos & Its Tail

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Mother to mother interaction

“Amma, I do not show him the TV all day long!! See, even now he is sitting nicely at the table and eating his food” she looked wistfully at him poking his food; she was exasperated at her mother giving her another lecture about raising her son properly. What did she know about raising a child nowadays!

“Amma, no, we don’t even use the tablet when he is around! I know it isn’t good!” She was bluffing quite well as she pulled out the tablet from her bag. Rahul’s mother always used the tablet to keep Rahul occupied and now he loved it so much. He had even started to use it on his own.

She winced as her mother kept arguing with her more about the disadvantages of technology for kids. “But amma, you know what it’s not so bad either it just depends on how you use it. Okay, I need to go now, Rahul needs me” She switched off her mobile as she saw Rahul look up to her expectantly and grinned at her.

“Mummaaaaaaa, Pad!! Mumaaaaaa, Pad!” he started chanting for his tablet time!

Short Story: Rahul Loves Kangaroos & Its Tail

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Rahul with the tablet

“Yes beta! What are we going to learn today? Why don’t we see Kangaroos?” She started playing the kangaroo video on the tablet. Rahul saw the kangaroos jump high on the screen when she told him, “See how they jump? And look at his big tail! You know they can only jump with their tail, Kangaroos cannot jump if you take their tail off!”

“But Mumma, why would you take the tail off the Kangaroo he looks so good with the tail!” Rahul was aghast at the idea of someone taking off his beloved Kangaroos tail!

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“No! No! we won’t do that, but what I want you to know is how important the tail of the Kangaroo is. You know beta, it’s so important to like everything that you have. You know every animal, every living being is useful and every part of their body is useful. See just like your hands help you eat, your ears help you hear and your eyes help you see! So take care of your body and others, do not harm any living being. Okay?”

“Yes Mumma!” Rahul was grinning and feeling quite happy about what his mom just told him. He really loved all animals.

His mom’s phone rang again; he really didn’t like it when she had to speak to anyone! His face fell and kept staring at the bowl again.

Technology is not bad if used appropriately

“Hi Shashank! How’s your day going on? Rahul just learnt about Kangaroos today!” She smiled at Rahul, who was waiting to speak to his dad on the phone. But she continued, “You know I heard so much about technology and all its bad evil effects from mom today! I really wish I had YouTube and Google when I was a kid! Damn, I didn’t know Kangaroos had to use their tails to balance themselves till today!! Did you?”

Short Story: Rahul Loves Kangaroos & Its Tail

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