It is hard being a woman in this big, bad world. So many pretty faces on TV and billboards means we normal women have to go to the parlor on a regular basis. Because apparently, that is the standard we have to aspire to. So two or three trips to the parlor each month is nothing out of the ordinary. That, however, does not include salon trips for special occasions. Here is a little insight into the beauty parlour going experience.


The hairdresser, manicurist or makeup artist know just about everything there is to know! Want to find out who is getting married next month and need a pedicure? Go to the beauty parlour. Really, why else do you think we come out of the salon looking extremely refreshed and rejuvenated? It is the gossip, in reality, that gives our skin that envious glow and adds a spring to our step.

Gossip in beauty parlour

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Reading A Magazine In Peace

What does a woman have to do around here to read her Stardust or Filmfare in peace? It is not like we read anything else. When you sit at home reading that magazine, someone is bound to interrupt you. Do this, do that, get water, do your work, study for your exams, go pay a social visit to the neighbors and get a katori of sugar. It never ends. In a beauty parlour, with soft music in the background, you are offered the chance to read a magazine without interruption and catch up on the latest Bollywood news and fashion trends.

Beauty Parlour = Silky Smooth Skin

A true woman knows that her arms and legs must be devoid of body hair at all times. A good wax should take care of that. We love the feeling of applying hot wax on our body, someone applying a piece of cloth and not so gently ripping the hair (read: soul) off of our body. Side effects include: minor burns and reddish welts after the hair is ripped out. But women are brave souls, certainly not the weaker sex, and can withstand all this in the name of looking pretty.

Waxing in beauty parlour

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Also, Threading!

Plucking each hair, one at a time is a tedious process. And we all agree on one thing, some hair definitely needs plucking. The process of threading was devised to pluck out hair in small numbers. For the uninitiated, the process involves a twisted piece of thread that catches hair from the eyebrows and rips them out. For those perfect, shapely brows, we do this quite regularly. Anything to make sure your brow game is on point, am I right?

A lot more happens at the beauty parlour, only if you care to pay a visit. Somebody blow-drying your hair while you sit still and try not to let your head be jerked back each time is an experience worth having. Trying to fend off sales pitches for the branded products your hairstylist is trying to sell you? Only a salon pro can teach you the tricks to deal with that. It might be safe to say that salons are a woman’s best friends, right after a big shiny solitaire.

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