Ethos of Loreto House

Loreto House, an institution which defines its students. A school which has taught not only lessons that are in books but those in life. Every Loreto girl strives to stand out of the crowd, because that is what this institution teaches – to celebrate one’s uniqueness.

Justice, Freedom, Sincerity, Truth and Joy are not mere words for a Loretoite, these are the foundation of the character of each and every student. Girls are taught to be responsible for their own futures and to script their own life stories.

“Loreto’s banner gaily floats, in lands both East and West

Loreto’s name each girl reveres, and holds it ever blest.”


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The wooden floored halls, the yellow and red paint, the blackboards, the carved wooden desks, the Cross hanging in every room’s wall, the maxims of Mary Ward, the bell tower, the hymns, the playground, the sun-kissed crimson steeple of St. Thomas’ church, there is something absolutely magical about this 174 years old institution that till date hasn’t broken its record of being in the list of the Top 5 Best Schools of Kolkata.

An institution that is no less than Heaven of Earth. You laugh here, you cry here, and most importantly you grow here.

If the above wasn’t enough a reason already, we bring to you 8 reasons to study in Loreto House, Kolkata!

1. The teacher-student relationship is like a mother-daughter bonding

The teachers see you through your transitions better than anyone else. They perhaps will know you better than you know yourself. Most of them are like the wind beneath your wings. They will bring out the best in you and they are no less than your “3 am friend”.

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2. Loreto House teaches you to share the joy of being fortunate with others

The institution does not need an opportunity to celebrate and be a philanthropist. Loreto House has unique events such as Mentaid, where the mentally and physically challenged children are invited in the campus and the students do their best to bring a smile on their faces by entertaining them, playing with them, giving them gifts and providing them with their favourite dishes. We Care is another such celebration where aged people who stay in old-aged homes are invited and are made to cherish their lives. Grandparents Day, Parents Day, Hunger and Disease Campaign, Labour Day are the few other events which have not only changed the lives of people attending it but also the students, showing them a new aspect of life.

3. Discipline, discipline and discipline!

This word should be etched in each and every nerve of a Loretoite. Sitting cross legged, calf-length socks folded till the ankles, only braids, clean and chopped nails, only black rubber bands and clips, no kohl, English is the only language you can converse in, knee length skirts, absolutely shiny black shoes, eating with your mouth closed…does it sound like a lecture being given by Professor Higgins to Eliza Doolittle,from My Fair Lady? Well, good. Because Loreto House will be worse than Professor Higgins.

Buck up, girl! You have standards to live up to.

Loreto House School Kolkata

4. Why should Boys have all the fun?

Do you really think that only co-educational schools and all-boys school are the ones in which you can enjoy your school life? You should really get your facts correct. There is a different level of excitement and frolic in the walls of Loreto House. Apart from some or the other activity happening almost every day, inter-school and intra-school, the teachers and the Sisters join in every once in a while to make your day at school a memorable one. From providing free ice-creams for absolutely no reason, by the teachers, to sneakily eating during class hours. From running into the washrooms for the latest gossip, to catching up on a 10 minute nap in the “Sick Room”, Loreto has it all in store for you!

5. Entering in frocks, leaving in sarees.

It will be a 13 year old journey once a girl places her tiny feet in the campus. Her white frock with blue strips will slowly change to a white skirt and white blouse, and in no time her white skirt will change to blue, and before she knows she will be bidding farewell to the school in a saree. But the “LH” written on the left pocket of her blouse, will be engraved in her heart forever. This will be one of the proudest moments of her life. A moment between complacency and nostalgia.

6. Loreto never liked its girls skinny!

Puchkas, ice-cream, churan, bhel, south Indian, Chinese, chips, chocolates, soft drinks, you name it, Loreto has it!

7. It is never “Ma’am”, it is “Miss”

Loretoites never refer to their teachers as “Ma’am”, every teacher deserves to be addressed with a personal touch. Loretoites always use “Miss” or “Mrs.” and then add the surname of the respective teacher. Yes, Loreto always takes it a step forward.

Loreto House School Kolkata

8. Excellence is all what it will make you aim for.

Excellence in education, in competitions, in personality, in character, in every possible aspect of life. Loreto turns its girls into ladies.

“The sunny path we as toddlers tread,

Do we now as ladies tread again.

Fallen leaves of time rustling with laughter,

Do we now bend and pick up again.

Silver streams of priceless moments.

Do we watch trickle by today again.

Crystal raindrops and tears of joy,

Do we now with a smile let roll down again.

A floating feather, our times together,

Do we now jump to catch again.

The paradise where we learnt to fly,

Do we now leave behind to take flight again.

Dear Loreto keep us in your hearts-

Someday we shall be back again/

Remain precious and keep smiling!

Loreto loves you that way.”

The Link, Loreto House Kolkata, 2011.

Loreto House School Kolkata

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