The quintessential Indian woman is the epitome of grace and beauty. With every step she takes towards equality and freedom, her beauty grows tenfold. Short hair, long hair, fair skinned, dark skinned, tall, short… these things just add to her persona if anything. No matter which part of the country she is from, she would have grown up with one thing in common with everyone else; watching her mother adorn Bindi – a fierce red dot on her forehead, wondering why and then she grew up, and the red dot was forgotten.


Bindi, celebrated through centuries, has adorned the queens of yesteryear as it did the farmer’s wife.


But there is always a question when it comes to wearing bindis is our everyday life. Occasions too, have not witnessed any bindi trends for quite some time. For those apprehensive about wearing it, on the assumption that it has lived out its day and is a dead trend, our celebrities just can’t seem to get enough of it and are always seen adorning it, taking it to international levels.

Be it sarees, salwar or even, *gasp* jeans and skirts, the bindi just blends itself effortlessly with every outfit. To those wondering how to get started with bindis or even for those looking at a fresher perspective on this accessory, here is a short guide that should help you figure out what Bindi would be adorning your forehead next.

BindiVidya Balan at the Cannes 2015, looks stunning in her desi-without-a-saree style, opted for a small yet elegant bindi that bound together her memorable look. Nandita Das looks fresh and vibrant during Cannes 2015, she chose a traditional bindi of a medium size that perfectly completes her outfit. To the far right, is Shrey Saran at the London Film Festival, looking quite a vision with her off beat blue bindi, accentuating her look to a whole different level.

Pick just the right one.


The market is filled to the brim with options and it can get very confusing to select the right bindi for your face type and complexion. There is only one way to find out what works for you. Try everything. Go crazy for a while, you will eventually find your dream bindi and you are set. Generally, longer bindis have an elongating effect on rounder face shapes.

Accessorize with the proper outfit.

With the number of ever increasing options, you run the risk of pairing your bindis disastrously. A full, big, round, red bindi would not go well with tees and jeans. Pair carefully. Especially when pairing bindis with western outfits, make sure you don’t end up looking like a Bollywood obsessed Martian. Unless, you are trying to beat someone at a costume party, that’s a different story altogether.


Don’t be afraid of trying something off beat.

Yes, agreed. Red and maroon rule the roost in the bindi department. But, you cannot rule out the charm of a yellow or a blue coloured bindi, looking all kinds of fabulous on your forehead. And it doesn’t end there. You have embellished bindis, bindis with adornment so heavy, they are not for everyone. Also, who said it was supposed to be just one?

BindiBut, I am a tomboy, through and through.

Yes, and you can rock it in a completely different way that’s edgy and absolutely adorable. You might have to scour online for some ornate bindis to go with those pleated shirts and shorts, but, once you decide on a style, you’ll be rocking it like no one else.

BindiSo Bindi goes on the forehead right?

Traditionally, yes. But who stops you from being outright bold?  Explore ways and means to make the best use of this little accessory and see how far you can stretch the limits. Maybe you will find your true bindi style beyond what is the accepted norm. You never know!

No bindi article is ever complete without worshipping the queen herself. So here goes,


And that, ladies, is what we call style.

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