Ever wondered what happens to all the fancy clothes of shimmer and shine that you see your favourite stars adorning post the movie? Being in this industry constantly being spied upon, stars do not want to create a boo-boo by being seen in the same clothes again, that too the ones on screen. So what exactly happens to the loads of celebrity clothes or costumes that are used in a movie?

Reuse or Resale

It actually depends from place to place, certain production houses keep them for further use or others just sell them out. It is good money if you auction some of the iconic ones.

While the ones kept for reuse is usually passed on to the sidekicks or extras on the sets for future shoots. A mix and match from the available variety is used to create some new looks in other movies.

It is not only restricted to the big screens, they could be used for TV shows as well. This could happen more in terms of the accessories than clothes. TV serials use a lot of jewellery for their protagonists, all of which may not be bought for the sake. They could be reused.

Celebrity Clothes

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Also, these celebrity costumes do not get used immediately, they are kept for years and altered as per the set requirements. To give an example, Aishwarya Rai’s Kajra Re costume from 2005 film Bunty and Babli was reused years later in Band Baaja Baraat as a mix and match combination by one of the back dancers. Who would’ve noticed?

Besides haven’t you seen certain portals who guarantee to get you the ‘star look.’ Well, that’s where the used celebrity clothes go to. Buy ‘em and ace that look.

Celebrity Clothes

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Celebrity Clothes becomes good gifts

The celebrity clothes used for shoots could then be given away as gifts to the members of the crew who have been working hard to get the shot right. At times the stars also get to take away the clothes.

It is usually avoided to wear the same clothes on screen and same ones at public appearances but if a star wants to take a particular outfit as a memory or a souvenir, then they too can take the outfit home.

Taken by the stylist

Every film has a costume designer and his crew of stylists. So if a particular dress mostly the traditional wear is specially designed, then many a times the designer takes it back. He/she can then display it as a part of their own collection. New dresses are then modelled on the basis of these pieces. Or they could even be reworked on and used for their next projects.

Not all the celebrity clothes are bought per say, usually to avoid escalating the budget, clothes are rented out as well. So after the shoot is over they go back to the suppliers.

Celebrity clothes and jewellery

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Auctioned away

Many a times if the celebrity clothes are really up to the mark, heavily designed and not to be used again, they go into an auction box. Those interested in owning the stuff worn by the celebrities can get their hands on at these auctions. Those fashion enthusiasts and Bollywood fanatics are always waiting for these events. Getting a celeb look is no longer a distant dream.

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