A 7 year old kid took the internet by storm when she wrote a letter to Mr. Sundar Pichai requesting for a job in Google. While children surely get attracted by the entertainment quotient that modern workplace have to offer but what is it that will keep the existing employees interested in their work? What can be we do to start liking our workplace a little more? How can working in office become a fun based event? Let us try to have a different approach towards work this year.

different approach towards same jobs

1. Thou shall not lead into temptation

These days offices are made to make employees feel pampered. Be it vending machines giving a variety of beverages or the cafeteria which these days has transformed to become an in-house food court! Most of these are loaded with lip-smacking food and drink options but the choice lies in the hand of the employees to decide whether they want healthy food items or the sugary starchy ones. Don’t yield into temptations and eat junk just because its easily available. Make healthy choices!
Take that effort, say no to latte and walk 500 steps to get yourself some fruits or fresh juices. You will feel much fresher than what you do after having an unhealthy cup of machine tea/coffee.
Say not caffeine - different approach towards work

2. Steps to Healthy Walk

We all walk around our office for multiple reasons. Sometimes to take a print out or sometimes to visit the restroom. Many a times we walk to a colleague’s desk as well but do you realise that all this walking if made a habit can turnout to be a healthy workout? Make this walking around a habit. Walk 500 steps 6 times a day and without even realising you would have walked 3 kms! There are many apps on smartphones that can help you keep track of your walking.

3. The Paper Saving Trick

Does your client engagement involve exchange of manuals, brochures, T&C sheets etc. which involve an extensive use of paper print outs? If so break the monotony try something different and environment-friendly. Why print so much when you can capture the same details in a pen drive or in a DVD or even better on a video which can be uploaded on your company’s website. Did you know you could up your engagement ratio by 3 times if you use multi media options like GIFs and videos to put your ideas forward.

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4. Leave Mood Notes

Leave mood notes for your colleagues so that they do not approach you when you are feeling low or irritated. This can help save you from quite some skirmishes. You may feel that this may appear grouchy but everybody around you will appreciate you for being honest.

5. Colours Make It Colourful

Another different approach towards Work can be by using colours wherever you can. Use colourful post aids, colourful pens to write on unofficial documents. Use colourful pen stands, add colour to your pins and clips. Have a colourful coffee mug. Make use of colour wherever you can.
different approach towards work

6. Use the tomato timer for time management

 The tomato timer is part of a technique called the pomodro technique. The idea here is that for 25 minutes, you do work that requires your attention, without any distractions, not even emails and messages. The tomato timer helps you to keep time for those 25 minutes so you do not need to look at your phone. A different approach towards work can really help you in successfully completing every job in hand.
Want to try it cost-free? Here’s where you can find the online tomato timer.

7. Silent hour

This is a good way to improve communication. Once a week, everyone in the office vows to be silent for an hour. Obviously, meetings cannot take place during this time. But other work can be done. Body language, signs and prompts can be used to talk to each other. This helps us become aware of our body language. Often, body language maybe aggressive or un-involved and we may not even realise it but this way we can learn things about ourselves.

8. Role Exchange for a healthy mix

It’s a traditional rule that everyone does their own job. But every person has more than one talent. May be it is a good idea if a marketing person is asked to design a sales brochure or an HR employee is asked to motivate a team of sales force. This way different talents and skills can be displayed and harnessed.
different approach towards work
So, which of these tips do you think you can use to have a different approach towards the same jobs? Let us know in the comments below!

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