Exposed Brickwork, metal panelling and minimalistic furniture… does all of this feel familiar? You have no doubt been in homes, offices and restaurants who are making more and more use of such a design and feel. So why is Industrial Decor being taken up so drastically?

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The psychology of industrial decor

The whole point of industrial decor is to give up pretence. Therefore, compared to Victorian homes that have  cushy furnishing with gold plated borders and a heavy feel, industrial décor is very simple. It indicates the shift in who matters. Today, it is very important to work hard at what you do, no matter what your financial status. Thus, anyone who lazes around or wastes time is looked at unfavourably.

So, industrial decor is a reflection of the hardworking person’s world. The whole idea is to not hide the irregular parts of you but rather, show them in such a way that the whole picture appears pleasing to the eye. It has a fresh, raw look that helps to glance at the world in a new way.

industrial decor

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The look and Feel

The look and feel is raw. You will see that the brickwork or panelling is exposed. You may also see metallic pipes. The colours will be plain ones, and many a times even basic colours. The most common shades you will see are white, red and yellow. Plain yellow or white bulbs or those with minimum decor would be used for lighting.

Logic and Requirements

Industrial decor as a trend started when industrial spaces were being changed to accommodate housing. Back then, it was both a style as well as a cost saving strategy. It also falls in line with the environmentalist conscience of today as minimal use of materials is required to gain this look.

The people who visit these places are most likely to be middle, upper middle and upper classes. For these people, the worldview is shaped by work and the part that their work role has to play in their identity. Such people identify with industrial décor as the sharp angles and geometrical shapes indicate the world of work life. That is why, restaurants, cafes and offices are taking up this look in a big way. Many cities in Indian metros have places furnished with this décor.

industrial decor

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Why Should You Take Up Industrial Decor?

There are many benefits of going with this look.

  • Space: You will find that this look makes your room or office looks spacious and bright but at the same time, not empty.
  • Minimal requirements: Basic paint shades and exposed brickwork and panelling are not a heavy expense. You could go for a cool look without spending much money.
  • Easy to re-do: If you get bored of the look, it is easy to redo as you simply need to cover exposed panelling or brickwork. An additional layer of paint and you’re good to go and try other looks.
  • Low maintenance: It is much easier to maintain this look compared to clunky or heavy interiors otherwise. It is not delicate and does not suffer damage easily.

If you want to create this look for your home, office or restaurant, it is quite simple. You can have one wall of exposed brickwork in red, white or yellow. Also, have some of your furnishing in plain, dark wood. You can have exposed metal pipes or simple lighting options. Additionally, reusable furniture or refurbished furniture is also a great addition. Thus, It helps to enhance the rugged look that would complete the industrial decor.

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