Sophia Banks has a superlative strength for brand vision, product development and marketing which keeps her much in demand as a Stylist and Creative Director for renowned names in Hollywood. The super talent stylist got recognized in India for her talent when she dressed up the ever beautiful Priyanka Chopra for her Oscar’s look of 2016. 

Sophia’s experience spans over several years of working in the Hollywood landscape and design which facilitates her understanding of today’s celebrity driven world.

Priyanka Chopra & Sophia BanksHer successful partnerships have made her a staple for celebrities, men and women alike who want to improve their image through fashion. Sophia Banks spends her time consulting A-list celebrities on their image and red carpet looks and creative directing for emerging fashion and lifestyle brands.

Her rich list of clientele includes Nicole Richie, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, Rachel McAdams, Priyanka Chopra and more.

In her busy schedule when we caught up with her for a small chat this is what Sophia Banks had to say:

At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

I was probably 7 when I really became obsessed with fashion. At that age, I started reading Vogue Bambini. I took on my first internship at about 13, in a fashion company where I learnt about fashion design.

How did you prepare for a career in styling?

I used to try on outfits all the time and read fashion magazines and even dress up my friends. Like many women, playing dress up was my first introduction and I loved it.

Thereafter, I went on to study fashion design, basic pattern making and sewing which really created a solid foundation for my knowledge in fashion.

Born in Sydney, studied in New York, now in Los Angeles. Did the places you live in impact your fashion trends?

Traveling is just such a great source of inspiration. I also lived in London and the fashion there was very inspiring as well.

I think my first move to New York at 21 really influenced my fashion – I was living at the time Sex and the City was being filmed there. New York has such a fashion culture and it really is a big scene, and within that are mini or sub scenes – the high fashion, the designer, the hipster, the model off-duty etc.  I was able to really develop my own style as well at that time and become confident in my own fashion choices.

What is your first fashion memory?

I remember always loving clothes; I think my first moment was making Barbie dresses at about 6 for my Barbie with my grandmother.

You are an expert in predicting what women will want to wear in six months’ time. How do you know it?

Yes, this is one of my favorite things to do. I think it comes from a lot of “know-how” in the area. I see a lot. You can also see the trends come from the culture, the art exhibitions that are on at the moment, the street wear, the music, the films- I love pop culture so I just then get a feel for what’s coming.

Sophia Banks Fashion

Times Square billboard for Pam and Gela increased sales by 400% and paid itself in the first day! Tell us more about it.

Pam and Gela are amazing fashion legends, the women behind the start of the juicy couture fashion line.

They had seen my fashion video of girls skateboarding in couture link and were in love with it. I was asked to come up with something for them for their time square billboard. It was 11 screens and we wanted to have the girls do things across screens. We came up with something amazing, girls skateboarding across screens, motorcycles, basically a woman being a rebel.

This billboard paid for its self in the first day and got a 400% increase in sales for them. It was also labeled “one of the most creative billboards ever shown in Times Square”.

Your experience directing commercials for big brands like BMW, Sparkling Ice, Ford, Rimmel, Christian Siriano, Pam & Gela, Genlux?

I love working with these brands and using the knowledge I’ve cultivated from the fashion industry into creating strong visuals. I find it great to bring my fashion skill set to the table.

How would you describe your signature look?

My signature look changes, when I am directing, its super cool sneakers and pants and a top or cool tracksuit. In life it’s always different but I am definitely a pant girl and I love a good jumpsuit.

Most treasured item in your closet?

I think my Chanel pieces, I have a 1980s Chanel belt I love.

Sophia BanksWhat are your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasures are for sure buying a handbag or shoes, eating chocolate, switching off to hang with my beautiful daughter coco, having great coffee, getting a massage and going to the movies.

Your all-time favorite designer?

My top designer for sure is Coco Chanel as not only was she an absolute feminist, she was one of the first female entrepreneurs and rule breakers. The top trends for me are florals, stripes and ruffles! I love it and cannot get enough.

What are your favorite trends this season?

The top trends for me at the moment are florals, stripes and ruffles! I love them and cannot get enough.

Which trend do you wish disappears forever?

Trying to be the same as everyone else and posing in bathrooms in bikini’s.

Tell us everything about dressing our Priyanka Chopra for Oscar 2016 which won accolades.

It was magical! Building Priyanka’s look for that event was such great fun, and she looked gorgeous. We were working with every moment we had to make it just right and of course it payed off like a dream.

Expanding into design, Sophia Banks launched contemporary line Whitley Kros in 2008. A label which was featured in Vogue, Elle, Vogue UK,, Nylon, Vogue Japan, and Vogue Australia and was recognized by Forbes as one of its 2009 Undiscovered Designers of the Year. It was nominated for the Ecco Domani Fashion Award and was a Mercedes Benz highlighted fashion show.

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One person you would love to dress up?

Emily Blunt or Cate Blanchett. I think they are so incredibly talented and so classy and I would love to work with them.

What inspires Sophia Banks?

I love the arts, I love photography, writing and films- those are my favorite source of inspiration.

Sophia Banks with her client

What are your plans for the near future?

My plan is to direct my first feature film. That is what I am working on right now. I am very excited about that as I am able to create the whole look for everything.

In the coming time too I plan to keep directing fashion films as I love working with actors and creating incredible looks with great brands.

What is Sophia Banks’ advice for the upcoming fashion stylists out there?

Stay true to yourself and don’t feel that you need to follow the norms in order to fit in. I found that holding true to what I believe pays off for me always in the long run, so going with your gut instinct on things can do wonders.

Sophia Banks at Academy's

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