My father almost didn’t agree to my marriage because my boyfriend didn’t exhibit any footwear care! He couldn’t understand how someone could be so careless about their shoes. Though to be fair, my boyfriend had atleast changed his clothes; he was coming directly from a football match!

“She wore flip flops to work on casual Friday, I think she over did the casual aspect”.

“He was such a great candidate. He communicated well, had impeccable credentials but his shoes! They were stained with mud! He is still not ready to be a manager.”

In a social situation or professional, footwear style can tend to take a back seat while grooming oneself. Footwear care is as important as right clothing to define you as a person. No wonder there is an old saying which stands true even today ‘Shoes maketh a man’.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation –

Keep it clean

India is a very dusty country. All through the year you cannot get away from the dust when out on the roads. This just gets exacerbated during the monsoons with the slush and mud. Even if you clean your footwear before getting out of home, it is bound to get dirty in no time. However you can avoid this by keeping a cloth with you to wipe off any dust or dirt. This is especially important at work place where you need to appear professional. It is best to wax or polish your shoes so that it’s enough to wipe them when outdoors to bring the shine back on!

Footwear care also includes socks. It is important to wear clean socks so as to not get into a stinky situation if asked to remove your footwear is any place.

Make your footwear care do the talking for you

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Keep it comfortable

Pretty high heels or pointy formal shoes, they have their own appeal but they are not suitable for all. It’s important to keep in mind how long you have to be on your feet, the kind of activity you will be doing to arrive at the most comfortable pair. Your entire body weight rests on your feet; if they are uncomfortable you would not be able to perform your activity and your shoes will take away your entire focus.

To avoid any last moment discomfort, make sure you have tried and worn your shoes atleast a few times before you wear them for the big occasions.

Keep it maintained

A frayed lace, a loose buckle, a sequin off or scratches on leather, anything off with your footwear can be easily noticeable by others. Ensure you regularly maintain your shoes by checking if they look good. If not, make sure any repairing is done well in advance so you don’t have to wear shoes that are not in a good condition in the last minute!

Make your footwear care do the talking for you

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Finally, Right Shoes for Right Occasion

A lot of focus is given to what clothing should be worn however it’s also important to choose the right footwear. You cannot be too flashy to a board meeting by wearing bright red pumps or too sober by wearing black dress shoes to a pub, it’s good to wear what’s appropriate for the occasion.

Make your footwear care do the talking for you

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Our shoes are an important part of our personality and I hope you will nail it with these friendly  footwear care tips.

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