So you’ve just written your MBA entrance exams. It’s a common strategy among students to spend hours thinking of their answers and worrying if they were right or wrong. You are probably thinking about your score and whether you will crack the score of your favourite B school or not but the larger picture is something totally different. Worrying is a natural reaction but not always helpful. Here’s a bunch of constructive stuff you can do with your time:

entrance exams

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Prepare for further rounds after Entrance exams:

Assuming you clear the entrance exams, you don’t want to be caught unawares with a panicky “what next?”. So, try to build up your skills for the group discussion and personal interview rounds. Brush up on your general knowledge and current affairs because this is central to getting through these rounds. Try to find out about all the debates regarding current affairs and prepare arguments from both sides.

Live carefree for the last few days:

If you do get in into the college you want, it will probably mean a hectic two years away from home. So, relish home food! Many students don’t realise how much they love regular food, until they are in a land far away, eating unfamiliar food. Hang out with friends, relatives and family and make sure you have a quality time with them.

entrance exams

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entrance exams

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Graduation and alternatives:

If you have some exams of your graduation still left to give, don’t take it lightly just because of having given the entrance. Clearing your graduation with good marks is equally important. Focus on enjoying the learning process and earning the best outcome. Also, many people who give MBA entrance exams do not actually end up doing MBA. So, keep your mind and eyes open for alternatives. Talk to people who are doing jobs you admire and ask them questions. Who knows, you may find the love of your profession elsewhere!

Pending tasks:

Have you been putting off chores and fun activities because of your MBA entrance exams? Now is a time to get that done! Be it joining the dance class that you always wanted or going for the shopping trip or that pending Goa trip. Now is the time to let loose and enjoy yourself!

What is most important to remember is that getting into a post-mortem analysis of your paper and answers is not going to help anyone. What’s to happen will happen. You might as well spend your time preparing yourself for the future and enjoying yourself in the present! What do you think about this strategy?

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