Mr. Jason Rice is mostly silent. Rude. Arrogant. His house is considered a haunted place. Rarely a human being is found in his house except the mailman. Mailman comes every week to deliver a letter. Mrs. Alessa is one curious lady in that lane. At the age of 65 she could hardly walk. All the day she would watch TV or would look at Mr. Rice’s house. She was very eager to know about the letters. What that letters could be regarding? She used to ask her daughter with whom she lived. Her daughter who divorced recently never paid any attention to this old lady’s blabber. Mr. Rice is one mad man and she should stop her obsession over him is what her daughter suggested.

Short Story - Mad Man's Mailbox

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Mr. Rice had many weird instances in the neighborhood which earned him a bad name. Once a small kid, Nate, who lived opposite to them peed in his garden while playing. Mr. Rice saw this and quickly ran towards the kid’s house and did the same in his garden! Nathan’s parent were shocked and speechless. Mr. Rice was convicted and had to do community service for 1 month in the nearby church.

Another time the pizza delivery boy came to his house and rang the bell at 11 in the night. Mr. Rice punched him so badly and brutally that the ambulance had to be called. Why did he hit him? Well the delivery boy was at a wrong address obviously. Poor guy needed to be extra cautious before ringing the bell. Mrs. Alessa was noticing all this for quite a long time.

Mr. Jason was out of home that day. The mailman arrived. Seeing that he was not at home the mailman dropped the letter in his mailbox. Mrs. Alessa saw this from her window. She went downstairs slowly and made sure her daughter wasn’t home. Luckily she wasn’t. Then she went towards Mr. Rice’s house. Curiously she opened the mailbox and took the letter in her hand. The letter had initials of P.S! She opened it with certain uneasiness and nervousness. Shivers ran in when she read. The initials of the letter made her worried. Her daughter’s name is Paula Stone. She was shocked to discover her daughter having a relationship with this mad man.

Mrs. Alessa spent her whole day troubled, disturbed and agitated over the thoughts regarding her daughter. She had no idea about what to tell her. How to explain her? Will she listen to her? Out of the whole world she got this mad man for having an affair. Her daughter arrived late that day. While she was putting the vegetables in the refrigerator Mrs. Alessa came downstairs. As she was going to open her mouth to utter something her daughter said that she won’t believe what she saw today in the court. Mr. Rice was in the court and he had a hearing today for his wife’s murder case. The reason for murder is Percy Sanders, her lawyer with whom he is considered to have an affair too. Paula asked her did she want to share anything? Mrs. Alessa replied ridiculous that man is. Ridiculous.

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